Is Job Hopping Still a Red Flag to Potential Employers?

  • Is Job Hopping Still a Red Flag to Potential Employers?

    Tempe, AZ - October 13, 2021

    October Employment Company in Tempe, AZ You've had quite a few jobs in the last few years, but not because you were fired. Maybe you were a part of a string of layoffs due to the pandemic, or your productivity levels weren't high due to a leadership style that wasn't a good fit for you. In the past, multiple jobs on your resume were perceived as a red flag to employers. Today, however, it's becoming more and more normal. Read along as career agency  Express explains why. 

    Employers and hiring managers are getting used to seeing resumes with a line or two (or more) about a person's work history and are less concerned with the frequency of job changes or gaps in employment. Why? Technology has made the workforce more mobile. People are changing jobs more frequently for several reasons, including layoffs, mergers and acquisitions, company closings, retirements, relocations, and advancements. 

     At the same time, people are looking for jobs in new regions because of the economy, relocation, or a desire to work on different types of projects. Additionally, a person working five or six years ago in the same position might be open to new opportunities today. The rise of outsourcing and telecommuting to expand a company's talent pool quickly has also created more opportunities for people to change roles within the same company without leaving their current position.  

    So, with the ever-changing job landscape, employers might see frequent job changes as a positive sign and that you show ambition and an interest in tackling new challenges. Just remember to be open and honest in interviews about why you've held multiple positions and then re-focus the conversation on how your skill set makes you the right candidate for the job. 

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