5 Signs You Need to Request a Mental Health Day

  • 5 Signs You Need to Request a Mental Health Day

    Tempe, AZ - December 22, 2021

    2021-12 December Employment Recruiters in Tempe, AZ Sometimes stress at work can be so overwhelming that it feels impossible to continue functioning. If you're starting to experience any of the following signs, a r ecruitment agency in Tempe, AZ is sharing this blog to prove to you that it's time to request a mental health day: 

    Sign #1: You're not sleeping well.  

    If you're tossing and turning all night, or if you find yourself waking up in a panic, that's a sign that your stress is starting to take its toll. When you're not getting the sleep you need, it becomes much harder to concentrate and focus during the day. 

    Sign #2: You're not eating enough (or you're eating too much). 

    A good diet is important for keeping your energy levels up, but it can be hard to remember that when you're stressed out from work and find yourself eating tons of junk food. On the other hand, if you're not hungry at all because of stress, that's another tale. Either way, be aware of what your body needs. 

    Sign #3: You're making lots of small mistakes.  

    When you're feeling stressed, it's common to start making more mistakes than usual. This is because your brain is focused on trying to cope with stress instead of doing its regular job. 

    Sign #4: You're feeling constantly anxious or irritable.  

    If you feel like everything is getting on your nerves and you can't stop snapping at everyone, it might be a good idea to take some time away from work. 

    Sign #5: You're over-analyzing every detail of your workday when you get home. 

    If you spend time obsessing over every little thing you did wrong at work, and all the ways it could have been better, that's a sign that your stress levels are through the roof. When you feel this way after a day of work, it's time to take some time off. 

    Do any (or all of these) signs sound familiar to you? If so, it might be time to request a mental health day. Taking some time for yourself can help you recharge and de-stress, which will make you a better employee in the long run. Remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and that it's okay to take care of yourself. 

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