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  • Our Staffing Agency in Copperas Cove

    Temple, TX - July 17, 2020

    Our Staffing Agency in Copperas Cove | Express Employment Professionals Temple

    The hiring process can be frustrating for businesses and job-seekers alike in Copperas Cove. Our staffing agency changes that. At Express Employment Professionals Temple, we streamline the hiring process for all parties, making it easier for top candidates to find jobs with good companies like yours. We make it faster, more effective, and more affordable to get high-quality hires on your timeline. 

    We work year-round in recruitment, meaning our local experts are on top of current trends in hiring, best practices when it comes to vetting candidates, and more. We work one-on-one with your company, establishing what you're looking for and when you need new staff. From seasonal hires to full-time professionals, we can make sure you always find the right person for any job. 

    Choosing Our Staffing Agency in Copperas Cove 

    At Express Employment Professionals Temple, we work with job-seekers across Copperas Cove and the surrounding region. It means that job-seekers know they can turn to our staffing agency when they're looking for work. We even have bilingual call center representatives, making it easier for us to get to all job candidates regardless of language. 

    For your business, it means we have a deep pool of talent to draw from at all times. We can customize our recruitment strategy based on what you're looking for. We can employ a more targeted search for management and executive positions or a more time-sensitive process for temp hires.

    What always remains consistent is we vet each candidate extensively. We look at their credentials, skills, and experience as well as their interests and their temperament. It means we don't just find the person who is most qualified on paper, but the candidate who is ideally suited to thrive in a position. 

    Express Employment Professionals Temple - A Local Agency With A Global Footprint 

    Express Employment Professionals Temple doesn't just come with a full team of local hiring experts. We also have the brand visibility of our global headquarters, which allows us to increase your visibility, too. It means that our staffing agency can more easily find top candidates in our region. This includes:  

    • Copperas Cove
    • Belton
    • Coryell County
    • Temple
    • Fort Hood
    • Killeen
    • Bell County
    • Salado
    • Harker Heights
    • Gatesville 
    • Troy
    • And throughout the surrounding area

    That's not all. We can also offer businesses all kinds of valuable HR resources. From attendance systems to employee retention tools, we can help you make the most of your workforce.

    Access exceptional candidates in Copperas Cove for any position. To connect with our staffing agency, you can call Express Employment Professionals Temple at (254) 771-5595 .