8 Questions to Ask in an Interview

  • 8 Questions to Ask in an Interview

    Thousand Oaks, CA - November 29, 2021

    Career Services in Thousand Oaks CA Have you ever made the mistake of saying "no" at the end of an interview when a hiring manager asks if you have any questions because you did not come prepared? A provider of  career services  is sharing this blog to provide you with 8 questions you can ask to help you learn more about both the position you are applying for and the ins and outs of what your daily routine could look like. 

    Question 1) What is your favorite aspect of working for this company?  

    Not only with this give your interviewer the chance to explain why they love working for their company, but it will also give you more insight into the company's culture. 

    Question 2) What kind of experiences can I expect with this role?  

    By asking this question, you're not only revealing what the position's day-to-day routine could look like but it will also allow your interviewer to highlight any aspects of the job that you may have overlooked when going through the job description.  

    Question 3) How has this position evolved since being established?  

    Most companies will want to highlight the fact that they are currently in a period of growth, which means there is potential for you to grow with them. This question allows your future employer an opportunity to review possible promotions or even how their company's structure could change during your tenure with them. 

    Question 4) What do you think I can accomplish in this position? 

    By asking your interviewer to share what they believe you could accomplish within the role, you can get an idea of how much responsibility and room for growth there may be with the job. If it's a lot, then that's great! But even if they do not see you excelling in the position right away due to their perception of your skillset, it can still be an opportunity for you to wow them with your determination! 

    Question 5) How would you describe the company culture? 

    This question is important because it helps you make sure that your personality will be able to match the company's values and what they feel makes their employees successful.  

    Question 6) Are there professional development opportunities?  

    Companies of all sizes offer some type of employee development program, but it's always good to ask about them. By doing so, you can make sure that there is room for professional growth with this company. 

    Question 7) What are the greatest challenges I'll face in this role? 

    The reality is that no job comes without its own set of challenges. However, your future employer will likely focus more on the rewards rather than the potential obstacles you may face in the role. By asking this question, they can share their feelings on what you can do to overcome these challenges or even turn them into an opportunity for success. 

    Now, you have several questions that you can ask in an interview that will help you stand out amongst the other applicants. So, are you ready to find a job in the Thousand Oaks area? Then contact your local  employment center  Express Thousand Oaks today! 

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