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  • SESSION 1: Leadership Essentials – It all begins with TRUST

    Trust and engagement go hand in hand. Organizations built around trust and respect see higher levels of engagement, productivity, and retention. Participants will look at their own trustworthiness as a leader and how it effects their teams.

    SESSION 2: Masterful Communication — Speak and listen to UNDERSTAND

    Different communication styles can bring about different outcomes. Masterful communication means being mindful of our communication, the outcome we want to achieve, and the impact it has on others. Participants are given the DISC assessment to identify their personal communication style while learning how to flex and adapt to other styles to foster stronger interpersonal relationships.

    SESSION 3: Skills Practice I

    This session involves reinforcement of Sessions 1 and 2 involving interactive group activities and peer-led discussions and resolutions around real work issues.

    SESSION 4: Well-Being Essentials – Lead from a position of true RESPONSIBILITY

    The most successful leaders know they are responsible for creating the results they desire for themselves, their direct reports, and their organization. Participants will learn that well-being is the fundamental source of responsible leadership and discover how improving their overall well-being (physical, mental, emotional, financial, environmental, etc.) will lead to exponential leadership growth and business performance.

    SESSION 5: Giving Feedback and Coaching Conversations – The key to ACCOUNTABILITY

    Leaders who know how to give feedback and have coaching conversations see a return of trust, personal and professional development of team members, and stronger accountability. Participants will learn models for how to give feedback and have coaching conversations to empower their teams to problem solve and take ownership of their development.

    SESSION 6: Skills Practice II

    This session involves reinforcement of Sessions 4 and 5. Participants practice how to effectively prepare and hold difficult conversations that build accountability.

    SESSION 7: Situational Leadership – One style does NOT fit all

    An effective leader must customize their management style to motivate employees at all levels of development. Situational Leadership helps you develop a common language to direct, support, and coach your employees in a way which fosters competence and motivation.

    SESSION 8: Skills Practice III

    This session is an integration of all five training sessions reinforcing and using the knowledge, skills, and tools in a case study simulation. A certificate of completion is given along with a year-long action plan to promote continuous development.

  • Cost: $1,395 Per Person

    The Full Performance-Driven Leadership Training Series Includes:

    • 26 hours of leadership training and application
    • Books, assessments, and participant workbook
    • Surveys taken before and after training to measure performance changes
    • Action plans
    • Coaching forms provided to supervisors of attendees to facilitate continuous development
    • Half-day learning sessions include full hot breakfast; continental breakfast for two hour Skills Practice Sessions

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