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  • Nancy Ferriman Toronto Jobs
    Nancy Ferriman

    Owner & President

    Nancy was born and raised in St. Thomas, Ontario. She has been a top performing Executive with over 20+ years of experience. She left for Hong Kong after graduating from the University of Toronto in 1994 with a one-way ticket and no job in hand. From there, she started her career in the realm of cosmetics, fragrances and consumer goods.

    During that time, she was able to recruit and develop diverse teams around the Asia Pacific region including Japan and India. 

    In 2016, it was time to pack up and leave Hong Kong and she decided to plant roots in Toronto. She landed with her 9-month-old daughter, two Pug dogs, 12 suitcases and a 20' container on route. Quite recently after an amazing 15-year career with L'Occitane Group in Asia and Canada, she decided it was time to branch out on her own to be not only a manager but also a business owner.

    After months of exploration, she landed on Express Employment Professionals after the assistance of her father (another previous franchise owner at Canadian Tire) and a close family friend. The mix of Express' warmth, family style business and being able to stay in Midtown Toronto where she lives, the pieces came together perfectly.

    She is excited to help businesses in Midtown Toronto find exceptional employees that suit their company needs and but also to help people find their dream careers. 

    "I love to laugh and having a sense of humour is so important. I am a very active person and always enjoyed sports and activities. I love power yoga, my Peloton, playing golf (not particularly well) and slowly getting back into running. My young daughter is categorically my #1 priority. Of course, those that know me well, know my obsession with Pug dogs. We have three in our present Grumble - Albert, Dolly & Maybe."

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    Marcia Knowles Toronto Jobs
    Marcia Knowles

    Sourcing Specialist

    Marcia is originally from the Bahamas where tourism is the main industry and customer service is of upmost importance. She brings with her a wealth of customer service experience stemming over 12 years in both entry level and managerial roles. She is a strong believer in the notion that attitude determines your altitude and will bring that spirit and energy to help our Specialized Recruiting Group Clients and Associates.

    "I enjoy Spartan races, nature walks and food festivals."

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    Bobby Su Toronto Jobs
    Bobby Su

    Recruitment Consultant

    Bobby was born and raised in Toronto and was taught the value of hard work and to always earn your way in life. He joined the Canadian Reserves at a young age, where he found a love for physical fitness. He has a passion for technology and worked for one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada. He hopes to use his coaching and leadership skills to help our Specialized Recruiting Group Associates and Clients make the right matches for long term success. 

    "I am a huge fan of fitness and technology. I love to spend time watching, reading, listening to anything that is moving the advancement of technology. I also love physical fitness and practice Muay Thai, Brazil Jujitsu and Boxing."    

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    Thiago Grant Toronto Jobs
    Thiago Grant

    Recruitment Consultant

    Thiago was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. He is professional stock market analyst and private investor since 2014. He has academic and professional background in Law, Business, Finance and Public Relations. He has vast international experience and excels in clientele reach and building long-lasting client relationships. 

    "Based in Midtown Toronto, I am happy to share the mission to be a reference in employment opportunities, impacting businesses and providing the best solutions for companies and talent in the market. I enjoy traveling, sports, piano, movies and reading."

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