Associates of the Month



    Express Employment Professionals acknowledges those who represent Express with a " Character of Excellence ". Thank you for being reliable, honest, hard-working, having an exemplary attitude and the willingness to go above and beyond to ensure your success, and the success of others. Welcome to the Winners Circle!

  • 2021 Associates of the Month

    Denise Peters
    January 2021

    Denise Peters

    Email January 2021

  • 2020 Associates of the Month

    Edward Delisser
    January 2020

    Edward Delisser

    Email January 2020

    Bobby Bond
    November 2020

    Bobby Bond

    Email November 2020

  • 2019 Associates of the Month

    Jan 2019 Associate of the Month
    January 2019

    Coral Binda

    Email January 2019

    John Wright
    February 2019

    John Wright

    Email February 2019

    March Associate of the Month, Megan Davis
    March 2019

    Megan Davis

    Email March 2019

    Fritz Yves
    April 2019

    Fritz Yves

    Email April 2019

    Sharon Slade
    May 2019

    Sharon Slade

    Email May 2019

    June – Audrey Wilson
    June 2019

    Audrey Wilson

    Email June 2019

    July – Zach Minarik
    July 2019

    Zach Minarik

    Email July 2019

    Jose Santos Certificate
    August 2019

    Jose Santos

    Email August 2019

    Lynval Dacosta
    September 2019

    Lynval Dacosta

    Email September 2019

    Mason Parker
    October 2019

    Mason Parker

    Email October 2019

    Orlando Hubbard
    November 2019

    Orlando Hubbard

    Email November 2019

    Kristina White
    December 2019

    Kristina White

    Email December 2019