Candidate Recruitment Process

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    Employee turnover can be expensive. Time spent recruiting, interviewing and training a new hire adds up and can cost an employer as much as 150% of the employee's annual salary.

  • Recruitment Services in Port St. Lucie and The Treasure Coast

    Express of the Treasure Coast is a trusted recruitment service for temporary and long-term staffing in Port St. Lucie and throughout the Treasure Coast. We offer the solutions local businesses need to maximize their return on recruitment.

    Our recruitment process also minimizes the typically high costs of staffing, a process that requires more work hours and money than many businesses realize. Through our recruitment services, businesses in Port St. Lucie and throughout the Treasure Coast find the hard-working, qualified candidates they need — all for less time and money than is typical with in-house hiring operations.

    Recruitment services from Express of the Treasure Coast are available to businesses in Port St. Lucie and neighboring communities. We service the Treasure Coast, Hobe Sound to Sebastain and west to Okeechobee.

    Workforce Recruitment Services for the Treasure Coast

    Our workforce recruitment services offer the business communities in Port St. Lucie and throughout the Treasure Coast a more effective and efficient way to fill openings for administrative and commercial positions. Hiring staff for your administrative team, customer service department, production line, or warehouse can be costly. That’s especially true when you need to fill temporary contract positions or if you experience frequent turnover.

    Express of the Treasure Coast uses a proven recruitment process to lower staffing costs, reduce turnover, and improve your chances of finding the right candidate for your business. We are constantly recruiting high-quality workers, putting each applicant through a rigorous process where they are screened, interviewed, assessed, and vetted by our team of staffing professionals. When businesses on the Treasure Coast choose our workforce recruitment services, we match them with a qualified candidate whose skills and character make them an excellent fit.

    The process we use is so successful that it carries ISO 9001:2000 certification. Thanks to this process, our recruitment service has delivered positive results to businesses throughout the Port St. Lucie and Treasure Coast.

    Professional Recruitment Services for the Treasure Coast

    Express of the Treasure Coast can also help your business find high-quality candidates for your most important open positions. Our professional recruitment services for the business community include staffing services for fields like human resources, accounting, sales, and legal.

    We know how crucial these positions are for your business. To find the right fit, we perform an exhaustive local recruitment effort, helping us develop a shortlist of qualified candidates. We then carefully screen, assess, and interview all shortlisted candidates. Once we’ve narrowed the shortlist down to our top 2-3 choices, you’ll have the chance to interview our top candidates and choose the person who best fits your business’s needs.

    Call Express of the Treasure Coast today at (772) 212-7479 to learn more about our recruitment services for St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River and Okeechobee counties.

  • Candidate Recruitment ProcessYou Take Care of Business. We'll Take Care of You. 

    Your local Express team will manage the recruiting and selection process for you and present you with only the best people for your business needs. Each applicant goes through a multi-step, ISO 9001:2000 certified selection process, including:

    • Applicant Information Verification
    • Interview
    • Skills Evaluation - From computer and office skills to technical proficiencies and behavioral assessments  
    • Employment Verification (Reference Checks) - Confirms job experiences and references
    • Hiring Decision
    • Matching and Assignment to Meet Client's Needs

    Each of these steps is crucial in helping you find skilled, qualified employees. But the most important part of our process is finding the right person who not only fits the job, but your unique company culture, as well.

  • Contact Express and let us send you a qualified worker who fits your job description and company culture.