Top Talent

  • Below you will find individuals we have interviewed and consider to be the most place-able talent on our roster.  For more information regarding any of these associates, please click email links below.

  • Bret Kaiser | Express Pros

    Bret is a Lab Technician in Environmental Science. He recently obtained his Masters of Science in Environmental Science from Florida Atlantic University. He is proficient at scientific writing, updating SOPs, writing and submitting grant proposals. Bret is certified Advance Water Diver. He is also certified by the State of Florida and the National Association  of State Boating to operate boats in estuarine environments. He has processed and analyzed samples in a lab with established protocol using technical equipment like SEAL and Apollo SciTech analyzers. Bret has also presented research and scientific findings at the SEERS Conference and the Indian River Lagoon Symposium

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    Top Talent Paul Hamaty

    Paul recently relocated from the Atlanta market and has an extensive background in finance.  He has spent 25+ years in the financial service industry and has 15+ years of experience with strategic planning and enterprise risk management.  He has designed and executed an enterprise-wide risk and performance evaluation process across 5 divisions, 6 locations, 85 departments and 1,200 employees that assessed overall risk levels, measured residual risk and identified key trends for human resources, technology, operational and reputation risk.

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    Jason - Express Pros

    Jason is an experienced Call Center Operations Manager that has been responsible for Recruiting, Training, Development, and Human Resources of the Sales Department and Client Retention Departments. He has developed and implemented strategies to improve training, streamline job functions and improve personnel management. Jason has projected and forecasted Call Center budgets while supervising Call Center projects and initiatives. He is available for immediate opportunities and interviews.

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    Willie | Express Pros

    Willie is an executive management level professional with a background in higher education, career services, and extended learning programs. For the last 10 years he has been immersed in the nonprofit industry. Willie served as a board member of a few organizations where he had the opportunity to actively work with children and youth in addition to writing grants. Within the last 5 years, he worked for anti-poverty and extended learning nonprofits where he served in roles such as a Program Director and Interim Executive Director. He has been a part of the leadership steering committee for a community-wide literacy collaborative. Willie has accomplished obtaining over 1.7 million in grants and development funds between 2014 - 2017 for nonprofit organizations.

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    Top Talent Connie

    Connie is an Office Manager extraordinaire that has worked in various industries pools, air conditioning, medical and insurance. She is experienced with bookkeeping, payroll, hiring, terminations, supervision of staff, customer service and a notary. She has learned how to how to calculate and prepare proposals for replacements and parts, present options to clients and collecting payments. Connie has been responsible for permitting for jobs including final inspections and notarizing permits. She has learned to negotiate and work with vendors, suppliers, or pharmacies for best pricing to order parts, equipment or medication. She is committed to her community where she serves in a number of facets.

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    Nicolina | Express Pros

    Nicolina, Financial Manager, is skilled at developing strategic action plans to resolve complex situations as well as initiating operational efficiency and profitability. She has demonstrated industry expertise in performing finance data analytics. Nicolina has held responsibility in developing, managing, and engaging senior accountants and tax specialists; as well as supervising additional indirect associate reports. She has earned a Leadership Essentials Award for completing several leadership series courses, such as Inspiring and Leading Teams Through Change, Effective Leadership, etc. Nicolina is also multilingual in English, Spanish, and Italian

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    Kerry Burrows

    Kerry is a hands-on Project Engineer with 30 + years manufacturing experience who has recently relocated from Pennsylvania.  He has taken projects from conception, to design, to production, through inspection, to ultimate delivery to the customer.  He is proficient in programing CNC equipment, writing manufacturing procedures and writing preventative maintenance procedures.  He has undertaken projects as big as concrete crushers down to precision 10mm grafts made of human bone.

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