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  • "We are devoted to helping top businesses in Tualatin, Oregon, find incredible employees to build thriving, successful companies and to achieve their goals and meet demands. We are sure that the economic engine of our country is small and medium-sized businesses, and we are committed to assisting those businesses while they strive to succeed through our staffing and employment services or through referrals to our business colleagues and friends."

  • Express Professional Staffing Tualatin Portland Oregon Katrina Bryan

  • Katrina Bryan and her amazing team of Staffing Experts have been serving the greater Portland Metro Area since 1998 and has established a reputation for building strong relationships with local businesses in our community. Katrina's leadership and enthusiasm to connect local Job Seekers with great Employers for long-lasting jobs has been an inspiration to her team and keeps the Express Tualatin office at the forefront for standards of excellence.

    We provide the Washington County area with staffing, recruiting, and human resource solutions across four principal industries: Professional Staffing, IT Staffing, Accounting/Finance Staffing, Human Resources Staffing, and Supply Chain Logistics Staffing. We prioritize screening and selecting the perfect remedy for you, whether you are looking for work or looking for workers. Whatever your needs, Express Tualatin is your solution!

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  • Bill Stoller

  • Jenny McCallum

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