Job Skills in Tulsa: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

  • Job Skills in Tulsa: Why Communication is Key to Your Success

    Tulsa, OK - December 11, 2019

    Job Skills in Tulsa | Express Employment Professionals Tulsa Communication is an essential skill in every field, and is one of the most sought-after job skills in Tulsa today. But what does communication look like in a professional setting, and why is it so important to employers? Today, our employment experts at Express Employment Professionals Tulsa are going to weigh in on this vital soft skill.

    What Makes Communication a Key Job Skill in Tulsa

    Being an effective communicator will make you a more attractive candidate for any position, and can help set you up for future success within any work environment. From the perspective of future employers, an employee with good communication skills can increase productivity and contribute to a positive company culture by working well with others to achieve their shared goals.

    Communication is a soft job skill that can be trickier to define than hard skills like what equipment and software you can use. However, there are a few key aspects of good communication that can help you adapt more easily to any workplace in Tulsa. These elements include:

    • Being an active listener - Giving your boss or colleague your undivided attention demonstrates that you respect their expertise. By listening closely and acting based on the information you're given, you can show that you can be trusted to follow instructions and respond to feedback.
    • Expressing yourself clearly and directly - By stating your thoughts concisely and clearly, you can reduce the risk of miscommunications that can affect productivity and leave people unsure of where a project stands and what needs to be done. 
    • Seeking clarification when you need it - Knowing when to ask questions is vital to effective communication and a productive work environment. If you're not sure how to proceed with a task, ask for clarification to make sure you're on the right track. 
    • Being respectful of the people you're speaking to - There are bound to be times when you disagree with someone at work, but being able to express your different viewpoints calmly and respectfully will help everyone move forward more easily and with less unnecessary tension.

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