Our Employment Agency in Tulsa

  • Our Employment Agency in Tulsa

    Tulsa, OK - July 22, 2020

    Our Employment Agency in Tulsa | Express Employment Professionals Tulsa At Express Employment Professionals Tulsa, we support job seekers throughout the region who are looking for work. Our employment agency doesn't just connect you with work. We also help you with application materials, provide coaching, and offer training-all at no cost to you. We're dedicated to helping you get ahead in your career. 

    Looking for work can be stressful and daunting, especially now. Our hiring experts are here to streamline the process for businesses as well as individual job seekers. We always aim to match you with a work placement that fits your goals, whether that's to start earning right away or to find an environment where you can settle in for the long term.

    We work with a wide range of sectors, including professional industries like marketing, IT, and finance, as well as light industrial and skilled trades sectors. Our team can connect you with work that matches your interests and experience. 

    How We Help Job Seekers in Tulsa

    With our employment agency in Tulsa, you can tap into a job portal that's easy to navigate and completely online. You'll be able to review existing job openings, upload application materials with just a few clicks, and get started with your job search right away.

    Once you've submitted that first application, our team will get in touch with you for a more one-on-one approach. This is our chance to get to know you better so we can connect you with work you're excited about. As an intermediary between businesses and job seekers, we always strive to set expectations for prospective hires as well as prospective employers to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

    Improve Your Skills and Knowledge with Our Employment Agency

    At Express Employment Professionals Tulsa, we're able to connect job seekers with businesses in:  

    • Tulsa
    • Prattville
    • Sand Springs
    • Bristow
    • Other towns in the area

    But connecting you with work isn't all we do. We also support job seekers with improving their overall skills and strengthening their existing knowledge. Our employment agency offers completely free career resources to help you succeed. Whether you need to brush up your interview performance or you're looking to improve your computer skills, we have robust training programs, videos, and more. Together, we can get you back to work in no time. 

    Find work today with Express Employment Professionals Tulsa. If you have any questions, you can contact our employment agency at (918) 746-4000