• KellyKelly Jenkinson 1 Jenkinson

    Commercial Staffing Consultant


    Kelly joined the Express team in June of 2004. She has worked in the customer service industry for over 15 years with management experience. Kelly is a proud mother of two young men and a grandmother to an amazing young lady. "I love my job! No day is ever the same and to know that I make a difference in peoples lives is a powerful feeling."

  • Bre Kelly 1Bre Kelly

    Commercial Staffing Consultant


    Bre joined the Express team in June of 2016. She recently moved back to the Tyler area from the west coast, she is happy to be with Express and enjoys assisting people in finding their niche.

  • Buddy Smith 1Buddy Smith

    Commercial Staffing Consultant


    Buddy, who joined the Express team in November of 2017, brings with him a strong passion to help others. Buddy grew up in Groveton, TX and has many years of experience in community service. He is an optimistic person, who enjoys interacting with people. "I love this job, because this job gives me the opportunity to impact people's lives in a positive way every day."

  • Paul Horstman 1Paul Horstman

    Commercial Staffing Consultant


    Paul joined the Express team in July of 2017 after visiting Express hoping to find employment in a different career field. His experience in many hands-on positions give him an appreciation for helping others learn trades they can build futures on. He enjoys putting people in positions to grow and succeed.

  • Patricia GuevaraPatricia Guevara

    Administrative Staffing Consultant


    Patricia joined the Express team in February of 2015 and enjoys being a part of this great group of professionals. She moved to Tyler from Itasca, TX in 2009 and is actively involved with her community. She enjoys helping Express associates with their job search as well as helping Express clients with all of their staffing needs.

  • Rebekah Horstman 1Rebekah Horstman

    Administrative Staffing Consultant


    Rebekah joined the Express team in June of 2016. She brings a no non-sense approach to the team, she excels in finding just the right skill set to meet the expectations of the client. She and her husband moved to the Tyler area from central Florida and have enjoyed seeing the sites and getting to know the community. Go Gators!

  • Cody Franklin 1Cody Franklin

    Administrative Staffing Consultant


    Cody joined the Express team in April 2017 after working in EMS Communications. Cody's love for people and ability to analyze each individual's situation enables him to not only serve his community but support his team as well. "I am driven by being present with people in the midst of the trials they are facing, and by serving my team in whichever way is needed."

  • AdamAdam Morrow USE Morrow

    Contract and Search Specialist (Engineering and Information Technology)


    Adam joined the Express team in June 2011 after moving to Tyler from Lubbock, TX. With years in the "people business" as a college minister, he brings a wealth of experience with and passion for people to his role at Express. "It is such a privilege to intersect people at a point of need, whether they are business people or job seekers. I love having the opportunity to bring people together in these times to turn a time of need into an opportunity for success!"

  • Chandler Batts 1Chandler Batts

    Contract and Search Specialist (Accounting and Human Resources)


    Chandler joined the Express team in 2017 and has been part of the Tyler community since 2012. He is a graduate of Texas A&M and spend the initial years of his career working with the non-profit sector. His desire to meet people where they are in order to serve their needs, combined with his track record of success and commitment to excellence has fueled his passion to help companies find good people and help good people find fulfilling careers.

  • Melissa Barrett 1Melissa Barrett

    Business Relationship Manager


    Melissa joined the Express team in October of 2016. She grew up in Tyler, moved away for a bit and has been back for over 20 years. "My favorite thing about my job is learning about businesses in our area that service our community, and some that make products for the entire world!"

  • Javier Arriaga 1Javier Arriaga

    Front Office Coordinator


    Javier joined the Express team in January 2010. He is an exceptional interpreter and very personal individual. He enjoys helping individuals locate great employment by helping employers connect with great candidates!

  • Ashley Johnson 1Ashley Johnson

    Front Office Coordinator


    Ashley joined the Express team in August of 2017.

  • Faith Izard 1Faith Izard

    Administrative Recruiter


    Faith joined the Express team in September of 1999 and she has lived in the Tyler area with her family for the past 30 years. She brings to Express 15 years of experience in the medical field. "I love helping people achieve success and satisfaction in their chosen career and in turn helping businesses grow in our community."

  • Vicky Walton 1Vicky Walton



    Vicky joined the Express team May of 2015 and enjoys being a part of this great group of professionals. She relocated to Tyler from Jackson, TN and is actively involved with her community. She enjoys helping Express associates with their job search as well as helping Express clients with all of their staffing needs.

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  • Jan Smith 1Jan Smith

    Payroll and Accounts Receivables


    Jan joined the Express team in August of 2013 and comes to Express with 20+ years of manufacturing experience in the Tyler area. Jan brings a wealth of knowledge to the team about payroll, accounts receivables and office management. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her granddaughter.

  • Gail Evans 1Gail Evans

    Payroll Assistant


    Gail joined the Express team in May of 2014 and is a native to Tyler. She spent 45 years working for United Technologies Carrier before coming to Express. She enjoys finding a good book to read and checking out the latest deals on her shopping excursions. Gail also serves on the United Way Board and is on several committees including:  Board Development, Chair of 211, also allocations and Day of Caring.

  • Kristie Bonnell 1Kristie Bonnell

    Chief Experience Officer


    Kristie joined the Express team in March of 2003. "My passion is helping people, whether it's a business that is in need of staffing services or a person looking for a work opportunity. My goal at the end of each day is to be able to say that I was a blessing to someone today."

  • Matt Tibbetts 1Matt Tibbetts

    Sales and Training Coordinator


    Matt joined the Express team in September of 2014 after working in the field of public speaking and training for staff and students. He loves helping people and absolutely loves to be part of a team that empowers businesses and helps people find great jobs. Currently, Matt speaks on topics for Express such as Faces of Change:  Managing Generations in the Workplace, Engage to Retain:  On boarding & Retention Strategies and The Truth About Employee Engagement. Matt grew up in Thailand, moved to east Texas in 2009, married his wife, Rachel, and has been here ever since! "I got here as quickly as I could ya'll!"

  • Tokie Morgan 1Tokie Morgan

    Executive Assistant


    Tokie joined the Express team in December of 2014. Her extensive background in executive administration and event planning management ensure that the Express office operates with fluid professionalism.