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  • Job Search in Athens

    Tyler, TX - June 28, 2021

    Job Search in Athens | Express Employment Professionals Tyler One of the first steps when starting a job search in Athens is getting your resume in order. At Express Employment Professionals Tyler, we see a lot of resumes from job applicants in the Athens area, and this means we also see some of the mistakes that are commonly made on candidate resumes.

    These mistakes go beyond simple spelling and formatting errors. They also include things like off-the-wall design choices, inconsistent dates, and poorly named files.

    If you're getting ready for a job search in Athens, here are 5 resume mistakes that you'll want to avoid.

    5 Resume Mistakes to Avoid

    1. Irrelevant Information.  If you're using a boilerplate resume to apply to multiple positions, you run the risk of including irrelevant information or failing to highlight the right skills and experience. Read the job description carefully and make sure your resume highlights the right qualifications.

    2. Unconventional Designs.  In some creative industries, it pays to be creative with your resume. For other jobs, off-the-wall formatting and unconventional fonts can work against you. These choices can appear unprofessional to hiring managers, and they can make your resume harder to read.

    3. Inconsistent Dates.  When proofing your resume, make sure you check your dates for errors and typos. Also, if you're active on LinkedIn, make sure the information in your resume is consistent with your LinkedIn profile. If a hiring manager finds inconsistencies between your resume and LinkedIn, that can quickly put an end to your candidacy.

    4. Overstuffed Resumes.  If you're having trouble fitting your resume onto one page, it's tempting to fiddle with the margins or the font size. This can turn your resume into a wall of tiny text. All of that extra information you've included won't help if your resume is a pain for hiring managers to read.

    5. Unhelpful File Names.  When you submit a resume as an attachment, the right file name makes a big difference. Make sure to rename the final version of your resume so that it includes your first and last name, so that it can be easily filed by the hiring manager.

    Start a Job Search in Athens

    If you're searching for work in Athens, Express Employment Professionals Tyler can help! We offer job search services to candidates in Athens at no charge, providing direct referrals to job opportunities with local employers.

    By conducting your job search with Express, you can find work in:

    • Athens
    • Tyler
    • Lindale
    • Henderson
    • Jacksonville
    • Palestine
    • Surrounding areas

    Apply to Express Employment Professionals Tyler online to start your job search in Athens or call us at (903) 592-9999 for more information about our job search services.