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  • Recruitment Agency in Tyler

    Tyler, TX - August 05, 2021

    Recruitment Agency in Tyler | Express Employment Professionals Tyler One of the things that makes our recruitment agency so popular with job seekers in Tyler, Athens and the surrounding communities is the support we offer our associates. We want to position each worker for success, and we work closely with job seekers to help them prepare ahead of each placement.

    At Express Employment Professionals Tyler/Athens, we know that a first day on a contract or temporary assignment can be stressful. We also know that, if you are working contract or temporary jobs, you'll see more first days than other types of workers. Below, we have compiled 4 tips that you can use to make your first day a success.

    Tips for Temporary Assignments: How to Succeed on Your First Day at a New Job

    1. Do Your Homework. The more information you have going into a contract or temporary position, the better. At Express Employment Professionals Tyler/Athens, we provide workers with detailed information about each placement. We also encourage you to research the employer online, so that you can get a sense of their operations, mission, and culture.

    2. Be Ready for Questions.  The first day of many contract or temporary jobs can feel a little like a job interview. You can expect questions about your background, your work history, and your professional strengths and weaknesses. We suggest preparing for these questions the same way you would for an interview, by practicing your answers ahead of time.

    3. Listen and Observe. If you're starting a new job, the best way to get up to speed is by paying attention. That doesn't just mean listening to instructions. It also means paying close attention to coworkers and observing how they approach their work. And remember: the best workers aren't afraid to ask questions if they're ever unsure of an answer.

    4. Embrace the Opportunity. The worst thing you can do is to treat a contract or temporary placement as "just another job." At our agency, associates who embrace each placement as a new chance to prove themselves are the ones who make the biggest strides in their careers.

    Apply to Our Recruitment Agency in Tyler

    Looking for work in the Tyler area? Our recruitment agency is currently looking for candidates to fill a number of contract or temporary positions. These positions include light industrial, commercial, skilled trades, and professional roles.

    By submitting your application to our temp agency, you can find work in:

    • Tyler
    • Athens
    • Lindale
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    • Jacksonville
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    • Surrounding areas

    Apply online to get started with Express Employment Professionals Tyler/Athens! To learn more about the application process at our recruitment agency, call us at (903) 592-9999 .