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  • Meet Your Express Team -  Staffing Service in Vancouver, WA
  • At Express Employment in Vancouver, Washington, it matters to us that we exceed your expectations - we are committed to your success, whether it be your business needs or personal career advancement. It is for that reason that we make it an absolute priority to try to assist every single individual that walks through our doors. Think of us as your partner in success. We are devoted to helping those in need in any and all ways necessary while maintaining an "Express Servant Attitude" - working to always get to "yes." And although we cannot help everyone, we always make a true effort to offer helpful advice that will raise their odds in succeeding. If you're seeking fully screened, highly skilled employees for your company; or if you're looking for a new or improved career; or if you're in need of HR guidance and/or training call us at our Vancouver office today for your no-obligation consultation.

    Remember - at Express Vancouver, Job Seekers never pay a fee and employers do only if we are successful in our recruiting efforts.

    "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." -Teddy Roosevelt
  • Jules Haman - Recruitment Agencies Vancouver Washington
    Jules Haman

    Jules became a part of our team in May of 2019 as a Front Office Coordinator. Her 13 years of kitchen experience has helped her become a director of the workflow in our office. She is the friendly and incessantly positive individual who will greet, guide, and assist you through the hiring process. When she isn't at work helping our team and associates, she enjoys spending her time drawing, reading, and hiking. Jules values understanding and compassion in all interactions. 


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    Levi Booth - Vancouver Administrative Job Openings
    Levi Booth

    Levi has been our Front Office Coordinator since September 2018. He came to Express after completing Job Corps. Though Levi is an introvert, his caring personality and sincerity has made him a wonderful person to assist new associates through the initial interview process. He is a native to Vancouver, Washington and loves supporting his hometown community. Reading books is his favorite pastime and he's a lifelong learner.

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    Sam Cepeda - Vancouver Office Services Jobs Hiring
    Sam Cepeda

    Sam started in our office in October 2018 as an Employment Specialist Admin but was quickly transitioned to the Payroll Specialist position. Her attention to detail, organization, and business acumen has made her a natural fit for handling our payroll. She can answer your questions about hours, pay, leave, benefits, and community resources. During her free time, she spends time with her family. Her core values are honesty, loyalty, and dependability, which makes her a great asset to the Express team.

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    Nan Coover - Fast Staffing Solutions in Vancouver, WA
    Nan Coover

    Nan is our extroverted Onsite Supervisor at one of our largest clients. Initially starting as a payroll assistant in August 2018, she was quickly promoted to Onsite Supervisor at one of our largest accounts. She conducts weekly safety trainings for new associates, oversees payroll, and handles HR at the largest manufacturer of gummy vitamins. Nan is a lover of animals. She also plays classical piano when she isn't busy gardening, traveling, or enjoying a good book. When you meet Nan, it is easy to see that she values happiness and brings it to as many people as she can through her role at Express. 


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    Krystal McMahon - Job Seeker Services Vancouver Washington
    Krystal McMahon

    Krystal joined Express in July of 2018 as an Employment Specialist. Every day she partners with applicants to give them a new start. Krystal manages the staffing of our largest account, which makes her one of the most popular people to work with. Each week she assists more than a dozen people gain security through employment. When she isn't working to fulfill the dreams of others, she is spending time cooking, boating, and camping with her family. Krystal helps us work towards balance in all aspects of our lives. Her value of family, compassion, and positivity inspires the rest of the team to be stronger. 


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    Megan Machado - Vancouver Employment Services
    Megan Machado

    Megan came to our office with 3 ½ years of staffing experience as an Employment Specialist. She came to Washington from California in October of 2018 and since then she has taken charge of some of our largest clients with enthusiasm and determination.  Megan finds success through partnering with hiring managers to determine staffing needs, leading her to placing the right candidate with the right company. Being an adventurous soul, she goes camping, hiking, dirt biking, and snowboarding during her free time surrounded by friends and family.


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    Kylie Kemper - Vancouver Employment Help
    Kylie Kemper

    Kylie has been in the staffing industry for over 4 years. Since starting with Express in February of 2019, she has moved from Front Desk Coordinator to Recruiting Specialist and now is part of our staffing team as an Employment Specialist. She specializes in skilled trades and administrative recruiting for many of our valued customers. Right after work, she heads off to take care of her young horse named Goose. Her dedication to honesty, people, and kindness makes her a great contribution to the Express Team. 


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    Sienna Howell - Vancouver Recruitment Services
    Sienna Howells

    Sienna is the Marketing Specialist for the office. Before coming to Express in April 2019, she taught at a university, created community programs, and managed a startup. Her current responsibilities include: finding organizations to partner with, coming up with ways for Express to give back to the community, and connecting great companies to great candidates. Sienna is passionate about taking an active role in lifting our community up. During her free time, she helps low-income families get access to resources and goes on long dog walks with her significant other.  Sienna's value of communication and authenticity helps us be true to our mission.


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