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  • Benefits of Working with Express

    Express Employment Professionals’ offices are locally owned and invested in their communities, employing 10 million people since inception. When you work with Express, you build a relationship with a team of employment professionals in your community who have, in turn, built personal relationships with the businesses that are hiring.

    Express is more than just a place to find a job. We also offer numerous self-improvement and career development resources to assist you along the way. Listed in this guide are a few of those resources that are sure to help you achieve your personal and professional goals.

  • Locally Owned, Globally Powered

    Express Employment Professionals Pittsburgh West, located in Robinson Township, Allegheny County and in Monaca, Beaver County, is an award-winning staffing provider. We help job seekers find work with a wide variety of local businesses and we help local businesses find the best people for their business needs.

    Because we're locally owned, we live in and work in this community and have a vested interest in its success. In addition to our staffing services, our team is actively involved with a wide variety of causes and organizations that help strengthen our beautiful city.

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  • Stay in the Know

  • ExpressJobs App – Search and apply for jobs, and when you’re hired, ExpressJobs keeps you in direct communication with your Express Employment Specialist. Get up-to-the-minute details on new positions, job assignments, work and job location details, and more! You can track and maintain your schedule right from your device. It’s like having your Express team with you—wherever, whenever.


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  • Pocket Resume – Can’t remember off the top of your head the date you started your first job, or the phone number of one of your references? Keep all your resume details in one place with the Pocket Resume. Having this information on hand significantly reduces the time it takes to fill out an application.

    Contact your Express Employment Specialist to get your Pocket Resume.

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  • On the Job Podcast – With nearly half a million annual downloads, this podcast series shares inspiring stories about the pursuit of work. Your work may be your passion, or it could just be the way you make ends meet. This podcast dives into the multiple employment milestones of life.


    Express Blog – This blog provides tips and advice for every step of your working life. That means job search advice, interview tips, help with how to handle a job offer, information on getting along with your co-workers, ways to deal with a tough boss, retirement guides, and more!


     Job Journey Newsletter – Join hundreds of thousands of job seekers and sign up to receive the monthly Job Journey email newsletter. It’s packed full of the most current and relevant Express Blog articles. You can sign up to receive the Job Journey newsletter at ExpressPros.blog.


    Answering_the_Interview_Questions-Cover Answering the Interview Question eBook – Use this eBook to prepare to answer 10 of the hardest interview questions. Included are tips on how to list your strengths and weaknesses, identify your most impressive accomplishments, explain why you’re the best fit for the job, and more.


    Job Spotlight eBook – When determining the right job for you, what matters most? Is it required education, compensation, responsibilities, or something else? In this eBook, Express shares details on 20 jobs ranging from professional roles to light industrial jobs to skilled trades positions to help you decide your next career move.


    Nonprofit Guide – This guide is designed to be a resource for you and your family. Our hope is that these national and local organizations can help you on your way to personal and professional success.

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  • Take it up a Notch

    JobGenius-Logo-300WJob Genius – Mapping out a career path, finding job openings, then landing a quality job can be an overwhelming process. Express has crafted this educational program to teach how to successfully enter the workforce.


    Career White Papers – Take a deeper dive into topics that could help you make important career choices. From work/life balance to the resume format debate to work after retirement, there’s something sure to provide insight into your job journey.


    X_man_large ExpressLEARN – Learn new skills that could help advance your career and reach your goals! This program features a variety of online, mobile-friendly courses in high-demand fields designed for busy people like you, enabling you to build your knowledge at home or on the go.


      WorkplacePro_Badge_Professional-01X_man_largeWorkplace Pro – Show future employers your dedication to self-improvement by earning a Workplace Pro certification. Whether you’re starting your first job, reentering the workforce, or ready to explore new opportunities in a different field of work, the Workplace Pro certification program is designed to enhance your skills and prepare you for success.


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