How To Take Control of Your 2019 Job Search in Winona

  • How To Take Control of Your 2019 Job Search in Winona

    Winona, MN - February 13, 2019

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    The new year is always an opportunity to set goals and plan for the future. For Winona job-seekers, it's also a chance to start fresh and begin building your plans for a long-term career. While the job hunt can feel exhausting, it doesn't have to be. When you have the help of trained professionals, you can think about the short-term while planning for the long-term. With Express Employment Professionals Winona, our hiring professionals can help you find immediate placements in Winona, Rushford, and Lewiston if you're on the job search. But we can also help you take proactive steps to build your dream career. 

    3 Ways To Get Ahead During Your Job Search In Winona 

    At Express Employment Professionals Winona, we can work with you closely to help you find and land your ideal job. For Winona professionals, here's a few tips to help make your job search feel less daunting: 

    • Build a skills profile.  Start your job search in Winona by making a comprehensive list of your skills, certification, training, and strengths. If you're stuck, ask friends and family to weigh in. What types of tasks come easily to you? How have you excelled in previous jobs? Are you organized and on-task? Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. 
    • Plan for the future.  Think about what you'd like to be doing at your job on a regular basis. Does it involve sitting at a desk or being on your feet? Are you working on your own or with a team? What kinds of challenges do you enjoy at work? This will help you think about what your "dream job" looks like, without relying too heavily on a specific job title. 
    • Don't be afraid to level up.  When you begin browsing job listings, look at what qualifications you have, and what skills you're lacking. You shouldn't be afraid to apply for jobs that you're not 100% qualified for, but you should also be comfortable with leveling up your skills and training. At Express Employment Professionals Winona, in addition to helping with your job search, we provide a robust career center so you can get the skills and training you need. 

    Start planning for your future. Get help on the job search with Express Employment Professionals Winona by visiting us online or calling (507) 457-3311.