Staffing Solutions in Winona: Find Your Next Job With Express

  • Staffing Solutions in Winona: Find Your Next Job With Express  

    Winona, MN - April 23, 2019

    Staffing Solutions in Winona | Express Pros

    Are you looking for work right now? If you're not using our employment agency, you're missing out on great job opportunities in the region. At Express Employment Professionals Winona, we bring solutions for staffing to both job-seekers and local companies. For job-seekers like you, you can access all kinds of opportunities through our agency, such as training support, immediate work placements, and exclusive job openings. 

    3 Types of Jobs You Can Find With Express  

    When you sign up with Express Employment Professionals Winona, what types of jobs can you expect to find? Here's just three categories of job openings that we have available: 

    • Warehouse and production. Winona has a bustling industrial sector, which means local companies need solutions for staffing across all positions. We have job openings available in manufacturing and assembly, general production, shipping and receiving, and much more. 
    • Professional placements. At Express Employment Professionals Winona, we often work closely with businesses to fulfill professional placements. These can range from entry-level to mid-career positions in accounting and other types of office-based industries.  
    • Customer service and admin.  If you're a strong communicator who enjoys working with people, this might be a perfect fit for you. We regularly provide solutions in staffing for Winona area companies that are seeking admin and clerical workers, customer support, and other types of office assistance.   

    How Our Solutions For Staffing Can Help You Get Hired in Winona

    When you're looking for work right away, you may be wondering how our staffing solutions company can help you get hired in Winona. Here are three ways we'll make a difference to your job search: 

    • Our strong track record.  As a local company backed by the track record of our international organization, Express has built a strong relationship with companies in the area. When we recommend you for a job, businesses know they can trust our referrals.   
    • Jobs across the region.  We don't just work with businesses in Winona-we provide solutions for staffing in Lewiston and Rushford as well. For you, that means more job opportunities across a wider radius.  
    • Start earning now.  We understand that maintaining cashflow can be an urgent priority. With Express, we have temp and short-term positions available right away. That means you can start earning a paycheck immediately. 

    With our solutions for staffing needs, Express Employment Professionals Winona can help you get hired. Call our team today at (507) 457-3311 to learn more about working with us.