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    Express Jobs - Steve Leduc
    Steve Leduc


    Sometimes when you know, you just know. And that was the case for Steve Leduc when he began thinking about his future career. With more than a decade in the staffing industry, Leduc was ready to become a business owner and establish himself even more in staffing. 

    "It just made sense because I've been in the industry a long time," Leduc said. "I didn't want to keep being an employee so franchising made sense. Being a business owner was just something I really wanted to do, although I was unsure about the finances."

    Financing may have been an initial concern for Leduc, but then he learned about Express Employment Professionals' Boost to Ownership (BTO) program. The BTO program provides the necessary financing for accomplished staffing industry professionals to open their own Express franchise.

    "I definitely would advise anyone else in staffing who is done with minutia to go after Express." Leduc said. "I wouldn't be here without BTO. Instead I'd probably be miserable in a mid-level career. To me, BTO was a lifesaver."

    With a plan in place for financing, Leduc soon found himself at Discovery Day. 

    "Discovery Day was great," Leduc said. "But I was ready to sign up with Express before Discovery Day. That day was just desserts.

    "The name recognition of Express certainly helped seal the deal," Leduc said. "Of course there is a risk to owning your own business, even as a franchisee, but Express has a system to follow and strong support from the team."

    Leduc was, as he described, chomping at the bit to get after things and start the journey with Express but first he would need to be awarded the Worchester, MA, Express location. 

    "My award was perfect," Leduc said. "It was the perfect Christmas gift as I learned right before the holiday. Thankfully it worked out since I put all my eggs in one basket. Most importantly though, I could actually proceed and move forward." 

    Soon Leduc was at Express International Headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK, participating in training and learning the Express system. 

    "I've been to several corporate trainings and this was the best one," Leduc said. "It was compact but I learned new things despite having a background in staffing."

    With training complete, Leduc was able to focus on his checklist for opening his office and setting his goals.

    "I want to get completely ingrained in my community and become a powerhouse regarding staffing," Leduc said. "And maybe in four or five years I can start looking at owning more territories."

    And to reach those goals he knows he has to put people to work.

    "Jobs are out there to be had," Leduc said. "And people are looking for jobs. We just have to get out there, face-to-face, to find those opportunities and the best people for them." 

    With his extensive background in the industry and Express' BTO program, it seems Leduc's path was written before he knew it. 

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