Hiring a Recruiter in Lakewood? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

  • Hiring a Recruiter in Lakewood? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

    Lakewood, CO - February 06, 2018

    Recruiter Lakewood There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional recruiter in Lakewood CO. Employment experts can help you find better candidates, reduce staff turnover, and optimize the return on investment of your recruitment efforts. But those results depend on hiring the right recruiter.

    That's easier said than done. In Jefferson County, there's a big difference between the top employment agencies and the rest of the competition. Unfortunately, many employers aren't sure what sets a great agency apart from the rest. In the end, they hire the wrong recruitment specialists for their needs, a situation that results in low-quality hires, high rates of turnover, and runaway staffing costs.

    Thinking about hiring a recruiter ? If so, here are three mistakes you'll want to avoid.


    1. Hiring a Recruiter Who Doesn't Know Lakewood

    The best recruiters are deeply involved in the communities they serve. They make inroads with the business community, helping them understand the staffing needs of local employers. They build bridges with local professional networks, helping them recruit top candidates before the competition.

    A staffing agency might have all the tools, resources, and experience in the world. But if they don't know Lakewood, they won't know how to meet the needs of local businesses.


    2. Hiring a Recruiter Without a Proven Track Record

    When you're hiring a new employee, experience matters. Relevant job experience and glowing references are two of the top predictors that a candidate will be a great fit. A candidate might say all the right things in their interview. But if they have a thin resume or poor references, that can be a red flag.

    The same principle applies to recruiting agencies. Every recruiter will tell you that they can solve your staffing needs. Only the best recruiting agencies will have the experience and track record to prove it.


    3. Hiring a Recruiter with "One Size Fits All" Services

    Too many recruiting agencies rely on a "one size fits all" approach. It's easy to see the appeal from a recruiter's perspective. Recruiting agencies don't need to spend time understanding their clients' needs or getting to know job applicants. They only need to find a candidate who checks enough of the right boxes.

    This approach can mean cheaper recruiting services, an attractive proposition for employers. But those savings are ultimately offset by the long-term costs of poor hiring decisions, which reduce the effectiveness of your workforce and increase your rate of turnover.


    Your Trusted Recruiter in Lakewood

    Avoid these problems by choosing a recruiter in Lakewood who understands the personal side of recruitment. Hire an agency who takes the time to learn your staffing needs and who will do what it takes to find the right people for your workforce. Express Employment Professionals Lakewood has the local knowledge, experience, and customized approach to meet all your recruiting needs.

    When you need a recruiter in Lakewood, call Express Employment Professionals Lakewood at (303) 238-3500 and connect with our recruitment specialists.