How to Hire Seasonal Staffing in Lakewood

  • How to Hire Seasonal Staffing in Lakewood

    Lakewood, CO - February 07, 2018

    Seasonal Staffing Lakewood Seasonal staffing can be a challenge for employers in Lakewood CO and the rest of the Denver metro area. A strong economy and a high employment rate have left local businesses with a shrinking pool of candidates for seasonal positions. Despite the low supply of temporary workers, demand for seasonal staffing remains high in the Lakewood area.

    Under these conditions, businesses need to be more strategic about how they hire seasonal staff. A number of Lakewood employers have shifted their approach when recruiting temporary hires. Instead of recruiting these workers themselves, employers are outsourcing seasonal recruitment to local staffing agencies.


    Options for Seasonal Staffing in Lakewood

    Despite the drawbacks to this approach, a number of employers in Lakewood continue to perform their own seasonal recruitment efforts. The most common reason for this is that businesses think it will be cheaper. In reality, the upfront expense of recruiting seasonal workers by yourself is usually far higher than the per-worker cost of hiring a temp agency.

    The challenges of recruiting seasonal staff by yourself are greater than many business owners realize. Some of the most significant roadblocks include:

    • Recruiting Too Early. If you start to recruit for seasonal positions too early, you're unlikely to get a response. Workers don't want to wait for an opportunity that's only short-term.
    • Recruiting Too Late. Starting recruitment too late can be an even worse situation than recruiting too early. In periods of high demand for seasonal workers, all the best candidates could be gone by the time you place an ad.
    • Worker Motivation. When you hire a worker on a short-term contract, they aren't as motivated as a long-term hire or a temp worker who needs to remain in good standing with their agency.
    • Worker Quality. Lakewood's seasonal hiring market is highly competitive right now, making it difficult to find and hire high-quality temp workers, many of whom already work with staffing agencies.
    • Poor Hires. A bad seasonal hire can put you in a serious bind, since it's almost impossible to find a replacement on short notice.


    Hiring a staffing agency is an easier, less risky, and less costly way to address temporary staffing concerns in Lakewood and nearby areas like Littleton, Denver, Golden, and Wheat Ridge.

    Staffing agencies like Express Employment Professionals Lakewood maintain a pool of qualified workers for temporary staffing, so you don't need to worry about when to start recruiting or the quality of candidates available to your business. Seasonal workers expect future work from their agencies, so they are motivated to perform their best. In the event that a seasonal worker isn't a good fit, the agency will be able to provide a replacement.

    Looking for seasonal staff in the Lakewood area? Contact Express Employment Professionals Lakewood at (303) 238-3500 to learn more about our seasonal staffing services.