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    A Customized Approach for Candidates and Companies

    No career path is ever the same, so why should your job search be like everyone else’s? You bring a unique set of skills, experience, and aspirations to the table, and there is a company out there with a new career opportunity just for you.

    We partner with companies across the country who are looking for candidates just like you. And we don’t use the term “partner” lightly. We go beyond the career description provided to us, working closely with the individuals on the hiring team to learn about the company’s culture, growth opportunities, business model, benefits, work environment, and so much more.

    We understand that just because there’s a job out there that requires your skill set, it doesn’t mean it’s always the right job for you. Our goal is to connect the right candidate with the right company. Plain and simple.

    A Team for Your Entire Manufacturing Vertical

    Sure there are Professional Recruiting companies out there that specialize in one or two unique industries, but have you considered partnering with our Specialized Recruiting Group to recruit for your entire manufacturing vertical?

    From CNC Machinists to Directors of Operations. From Accounting Managers to Global Sales Directors. The Specialized Recruiting Group in Stillwater, MN has experience filling a variety of roles since our inception in 2019. 

    We source, contact, screen, and evaluate candidates to find the right person for your career opening. We’re not about sending you a pile of resumes to review. We’re about sending you the right candidate to interview. 

    In 2023 we were ranked the #1 direct hire office out of 762 offices worldwide, and that is a direct reflection of the customized approach we’ve used to build relationships with our candidate and company partners.


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    Your Next Career Starts Here

    Our Professional Recruiters are always available to ensure an efficient hiring process as you move toward your new career.

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    Your Next Hire Starts Here

    We streamline and customize our hiring process for each company we work with, only sending you the best candidates for your job.

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    Meet Your New Professional Recruiters

    Career compatibility is our expertise. We know that a job is more than just a description and a candidate is more than just a resume.