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    “People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” - Teddy Roosevelt

    At Express Employment Professionals, seeing you succeed is of the utmost importance and we will go above and beyond to get you there. Our goal is to help better lives and businesses through our commitment to every person who walks through our doors. We are your partner in success. We work to always get a "yes" with our "Express Servant Attitude." Although we cannot help everyone, we make a genuine effort and offer helpful suggestions that will improve their odds of finding that right employment in Albany!

    So if you're looking for thoroughly screened, highly talented employees for your business, a new or better job, or if you need HR guidance and/or training, call us for your no-obligation consultation. Remember – at Express, Job Seekers never pay a fee and Employers only pay if we are successful in our recruiting efforts.

  • Saphira Groves - Express Staffing in Albany, Oregon
    Saphira Groves


    "I find that my favorite part of my work with Express is getting a chance to empower others by helping find hope, direction, and success while working with like-minded people who also want to do good in the world. "

    Saphira has been with Express Employment Professionals since December 31st, 2007. Having worked her way up through several internal offices positions, she was hired on as a Front Office Coordinator, then was promoted to Payroll Specialist, Staffing Consultant, Business Developer, and then most recently, the Staffing Manager at the Salem Express Employment Professionals office. A knowledgeable staffing professional who is dedicated to helping others succeed and is an inclusive team player who has a passion for cultivation talent and giving back, Saphira is available to cater to clients needs 24/7.

    Saphira was born and raised in Salem, Oregon and worked at the Salem Express office, alongside Co-Franchise Manager Justin Sunada, for over 10 years before moving to Albany to serve the Linn County community. Before transferring, Saphira volunteered at the Salem Police Department and provided assistance as a member of the DVRT (Domestic Violence Response Team).

    Saphira loves outdoor activities, like hiking, swimming, running, biking and also loves to play guitar, sing, and write songs. Saphira can also be found spending quality time with her children, Elijah and Ruby.

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    Nicole Kapp - Administrative Jobs Hiring in Albany, Oregon
    Nicole Kapp

    Business Developer

    "I'd say the best part of my job is creating opportunities for people and watching them succeed in the workforce. It's so rewarding to help others and see them thrive!"

    In May 2019, Express Albany welcomed Nicole to the team. Since then, she has proven to be an outgoing, dedicated employee and individual who loves to laugh!

    Originally from California, Nicole made the move to Oregon 5 years ago and has loved every minute of her time here. She brings to our team 15 years of valuable management experience in the cosmetic and beauty industry. When Nicole is outside of the office, she enjoys gardening, painting, and just spending time in the outdoors. She is also a big fan of outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and swimming.

    Something Unique

    Nicole has lived in a total of 6 different states in her life. Out of all 6, Oregon is the state that makes her feel most at home.


    Nicole is a mother to two beautiful children, Dominic and Samantha, and has a dog named Marshall.

    Best Skillset

    Without a doubt, one of Nicole's best skills is the ability to be relatable and approachable with our job seekers, while also being assertive at the same time.

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    Naomi Samaniego - Employment Services in Albany, Oregon
    Naomi Samaniego

    Payroll Specialist/Employment Specialist

    Naomi has been a part of the Express family since November of 2020. She excels as part of a team and really loves being in an environment where everyone can feed good energy off of one another. Naomi also loves seeing results and striving to be the best. The most rewarding aspect of working for Express for her is hiring someone, getting to hear their backstory, and finding them a job before they even leave the office. She brings both customer service and retail management experience to her dual roles!

    Naomi has spent most of her life in Salem, OR. She and her husband are starting a family and will be welcoming their daughter this summer. They currently have two dogs that they adore. As she and her husband revolve their lives around their dogs, when she's away from the office, Naomi likes taking their dogs on adventures!

    How Others Best Describe Her

    Caring and observant.

    Something Unique

    Naomi prides herself on not being afraid to try new things.

    Best Skillsets

    She is always a very understanding person.

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    Irecia Goin, Talent Recruiting in Albany, Oregon
    Irecia Goin

    Recruiting and Marketing Specialist

    "I love having a job where I can make an impact in people's lives is the most important thing to me. I feel like at Express that happens. It's a very rewarding job! Out of all the jobs I've had I would probably say it is my favorite. I worked at Express for almost 1 year, had a break, and just returned!"

    We welcomed Irecia back to the Express Albany family on May 28th, 2021. She is an extremely outgoing and energetic presence who consistently aims to create an uplifting atmosphere, both at work and at home. Before her work at Express, Irecia was a stay-at-home mom. She also worked in the medical field, 12-hour shift warehouse jobs, the food industry, building, and in the hospitality industry. She also owners a legal photography business, which he has been doing for over nine years now.

    Born and raised in Caldwell, ID, Irecia and her family relocated to Oregon when she was six years old. When she was 18, she moved to Brazil for two years before coming back to Albany with her husband so that they could raise their son and create a new life for themselves. When Irecia is not at work, she can be found pursuing her passion project, photography, crafting, singing, macramé, playing the ukulele and spending quality time with her husband and two young children.

    How Others Best Describe Her

    Outgoing, Loud, Caring, Creative, Reliable, Someone they can talk to.

    Something Unique

    Irecia has almost 200 plants inside my tiny apartment and have no shame about it!

    Best Skillsets

    Photography, problem-solving, and organization are three skills that Irecia excels at. She is always coming up with new and better ways to do things.

    Favorite Quote

    "We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world."

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    Lorrie Rilveria - Industrial Employment Near Me in Albany, OR
    Lorrie Rilveria

    Light Industrial Employment Specialist

    "My favorite part of working for express is knowing that I'm helping someone build a better life for themselves or even their family. I also love that when I come to work I don't feel like it's work, I feel like it's a day with family."

    Lorrie Rilveria became a part of the Express Albany family on October 11, 2021. She is a very fun, outgoing, and spontaneous individual who is also a hardworking and reliable employee. Lorrie has a diverse work history ranging from yogurt shop manager just out of high school for two years followed by positions in the airline industry with United and Delta airlines and then switching gears to work as a personal trainer. Ultimately, she found her home at Express and we are thrilled to have her!

    Lorrie was born in Hawaii and moved to Grants Pass, OR when she was two years old. She graduated from Grants Pass High School and met her significant other a few years later. The two now share an apartment together in Corvallis. Lorrie is in love with the athleticism side of herself and has always wanted to own her own business where she can help other people achieve their goals with health and fitness. When she's not at work, she enjoys being outdoors and is excited to become a dog mom soon!

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    Klaudia Bartels

    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

    "The most rewarding part of working for Express is seeing someone walk out of here happy and knowing I was able to find them a job they will enjoy doing."

    In January 2022, Express Albany welcomed Klaudia Bartels to the team. She is a hardworking, motivated, and ambitious person. Klaudia came to Express with five years of experience working at a tanning salon under her belt, three of which were spent as the salon manager.

    Klaudia was born and raised in Salem, OR and then moved to California where she lived for about eight years. She moved back to Salem after that and has been there ever since. When she's not working hard at the Express, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, boyfriend, and step son. Klaudia is very close with her mom, dad, sister, and brother, all of whom currently live in California.

    How Others Best Describe Her

    Helpful and empathic.

    Something Unique

    A unique thing about Kendra is that she has the wonderful ability to easily empathize and relate to people.

    Best Skillsets

    Klaudia is a quick learner who excels at teamwork.

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    Sarah James - Administrative Job Openings Near Me in Albany, OR
    Sarah James

    Administrative Employment Specialist

    Sarah James became a part of the Express Albany family in October of 2021. She is a dedicated, hardworking individual with a unique personality who truly enjoys helping people find work. She brings administrative experience to her role and we are happy to have her!

    Sarah was born and raised in Oregon. When she's not providing top-notch service to our associates and clients, she enjoys spending time with her kids and working on projects.

    How Others Best Describe Her

    Loyal and a great friend to have.

    Best Skillsets

    Being artistic.

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