How Manufacturing Companies Can Foster Stronger Workplace Connections

  • How Manufacturing Companies Can Foster Stronger Workplace Connections

    Albany, OR - November 23, 2022

    2022-11 Staffing Firm in Albany, OR In today's workplace, quiet quitting is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to formal resignation from their manufacturing job opportunities. While previously, most workers would announce their resignation in a formal letter, many now choose to quietly step away from their roles by doing the bare minimum required for their position. Yet, at the same time, they are actively looking for another opportunity to arise and leave their current situation, signaling to their employer that they are not satisfied with their role. 

    As the frequency of quiet quitting continues to increase in various industries, which includes manufacturing, one question continues to pop into everyone's minds-what are today's businesses missing out on to retain their current employees and attract new ones?  

    Encouraging Vulnerability  

    Manufacturing leaders can benefit from building personal connections with employees. This is not about sharing every detail of your private life but opening to show employees you are more personable than just someone in a suit behind a desk. For example, asking them how their weekend went or asking about any outside hobbies or interests they have shown that you care about them on a more personal level. By bonding with each employee and encouraging an open conversation, leaders will be better able to understand their needs and concerns. 

    Keeping an Open Mind to New Ideas 

    As the manufacturing industry continues to develop, it is more important than ever for employees to keep up with these changes. This means effectively communicating with customers and colleagues, working well in a team environment, and being comfortable using technology as part of their job duties. Companies can help their employees develop these skills by encouraging feedback from front-line workers about how the company can improve its operations and on-the-job experience. These ideas may include new training opportunities or a mentorship program for new manufacturing workers just starting out. By listening to and incorporating employee input into company decisions, manufacturers can innovate and remain competitive in today's rapidly changing marketplace. 

    Making Sure You Come Off Approachable  

    When the manufacturing industry is facing numerous challenges, it's essential for leaders to make themselves available and engaged with employees. 

    Creating an open environment where feedback can be given, and issues addressed in real time can build a more connected workplace culture that values employee input and encourages collaboration. This will help your team tackle challenges and cultivate a work environment that promotes continuous improvement and innovation. 

    So, if you're looking to make positive changes in your manufacturing organization, begin by opening the lines of communication between yourself and your team. You never know what valuable insights they might have or how their unique perspectives could lead to improved processes or products down the road! 

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