Questions to Ask to Identify a Good Manager

  • Questions to Ask to Identify a Good Manager

    Bend, OR - March 30, 2023

    2023-03 - Local job staffing companies in Bend, Oregon

    Good managers can be tough to find, especially if you aren’t sure which qualities to look for. Management styles can impact the mood of the company and set the tone for the future, so it is important that you find the best management style that fits your needs. A top staffing agency has identified four questions to ask a potential manager as an employer or a potential employee candidate.

    How Would You Build Company Morale? 

    Managers have a major impact on the tone of the working environment, and companies with positive morale tend to be more productive and have lower turnover rates. Asking this question will allow you, as both an employer and job seeker, to understand the potential manager’s intentions and capabilities when addressing the culture of the company.

    What is Your Approach to Delegating Work? 

    Delegating tasks can be a telltale sign of how well a manager is going to run a team of employees. A good manager will separate tasks according to the employee’s job description and strengths, set achievable deadlines, and avoid micromanaging. Use this question to see if the management style discussed will be a productive approach and fitting for you.

    How Would You Describe Your Leadership Style? 

    There are many different types of leadership styles, and each comes with a set of pros and cons. Leadership style is typically very dependent on the direction a company is trying to go in and based on individual preference. There will never be a perfect choice that fits every employee’s preferred style, but a good leader is easy to spot, even if they don’t check all of your boxes. Use this question to obtain more insight into their habits and personality.

    What Previous Positions Have Prepared You for This Role? 

    Previous management experience is a good indicator of how a manager will act in their new role. Although using past experience is not always one hundred percent accurate, it does provide you with a general understanding of a potential manager’s ability to oversee a team. A good manager will be able to discuss successful projects they have led and have great recommendations from past employers and employees.

    Management styles come in all different types, and finding the right fit for you can seem like a difficult task, but using these questions will help you discover more about the person’s personality and leadership style. Discover more questions and manager qualities to seek out by contacting your local job staffing companies such as Express Employment Professionals for information!

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