How to Quiet Your Second Interview Jitters

  • How to Quiet Your Second Interview Jitters

    Bend, OR - April 27, 2023

    2023-04 - Career Services in Bend, Oregon
    You did it! You made it to your second interview, and maybe you’re feeling a new wave of interview jitters. Feeling nervous is natural and sometimes can even be a good indicator of how badly you want something, like a new position. In this blog, a local recruitment firm has provided three tips on how to settle your nerves before your second interview so that you can bring your best self to your second interview!

    Review Your Notes 

    Before your second interview, go back to your first interview notes and review what you and your interviewer discussed during your meeting. Doing this will help refresh your memory and prepare you for any additional questions the hiring manager may have. Reviewing these notes will also help you compose a list of new questions you may have or would like the interviewer to elaborate on.

    Prep for Group Interviews 

    Group interviews are a technique utilized by some companies to see different aspects of you and your skill set. During group interviews, you are usually interviewed simultaneously with other candidates who are either vying for the same position or a similar one. Hiring managers look for how well you interact within a group setting and how comfortable you are providing your insight and opinions. Ensure that you practice your speaking skills before your meeting, and it may even be helpful to ask those around you to help you prepare by doing a mock group interview.

    Show Confidence 

    While you may be nervous, be sure to show confidence in your skills and experience! You can do this by speaking clearly and not answering questions too hastily. You can also show confidence through the body language you use while speaking. Body language can be a good indicator of how comfortable you are in your current situation. It may be useful to look up certain mannerisms you can incorporate while speaking to show your confidence!

    It's okay to be nervous! But if you are looking for ways to calm those interview jitters, reviewing your notes, prepping for group interviews, and showing confidence can be a great way to start. Utilize your local career services if you find that you need more professional guidance on the interview process. At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to be yourself, and good luck!

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