• Submitting Your Time Card

  • Printable Timecard

    Time Cards are due by 8:00 am every Monday. Pay days are on Fridays.

    Your time card will be for the previous week worked. Please note: We MUST have a Supervisor signature on your time card before it will be accepted. 

    In order for you to submit your time card, we have 3 easy options:

    1. Fax your time card to 929-242-5627

    2. Email your time card to our Payroll email address (click here)

    3. Send a picture of your time card to 929-242-5627

    Please let us know if you have any questions along the way and we'll be glad to assist. You can always reach us by phone at 929-242-5627.

  • Online Timecard

    How to Enter and Submit Time

    The Express Workforce Portal Makes Timekeeping Easy! (Exact Time version)

    The ExpressJobs App Makes Time Keeping Easy! (Exact Time version)