How to Get a Job in Buffalo: Our Interview Tips

  • How to Get a Job in Buffalo: Our Interview Tips

    Amherst, NY - December 05, 2019

    How to Get a Job in Buffalo | Express Employment Professionals Buffalo If you have a job interview coming up, the right preparation is key. In addition to researching the company, reviewing the job description, and choosing an appropriate outfit, you should also consider the kinds of questions you'll be asked. At Express Employment Professionals Buffalo, we help you learn how to get a job. We're going to focus on how to respond to some of the most common interview questions.

    Question 1: Tell me about yourself.

    Many interviews start with this seemingly simple question, but it can be hard to figure out what you should share. Keep in mind that the interviewer ultimately wants to know how your experience makes you right for this role. Make it easy for them! Come up with a short list of specific career highlights to include in your answer. A bit of personality doesn't hurt either, so consider any hobbies or interests you have that could also be an asset.  

    Question 2: Why do you want to work here?

    This is your chance to show how dedicated you'll be as an employee, and how well you've prepared for this interview. To prepare for this question, you should do a bit of online research to learn about the company's products and the values it projects through its mission statement and other messaging. Is there a product or service you love? Does something about their mission statement resonate with you? 

    Question 3: Why are you leaving your current position?

    This question can get pretty dicey, especially if you're leaving your current job because of a toxic work environment. Resist the urge to vent about your current manager or colleagues and try to shift the focus to why you're excited about this new opportunity.

    More diplomatic answers to this question can include:

    • "There weren't as many opportunities to do the type of work I'm most interested in" - Then describe how the job you want does include that work.
    • "I learned a lot but the company culture wasn't a good fit" - Then explain what attracts you to the company culture where you're applying.

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