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    Because we're locally owned, we live in and work in this community and have a vested interest in its success. In addition to our staffing services, our team is actively involved with a wide variety of causes and organizations that help strengthen our beautiful city.

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    Employment Solutions for Calgary South, AB

    The Express office in Calgary South, AB has a variety of jobs available, with full-time, part-time, and temporary positions available. And, as one of the leading staffing agencies in North America, Express provides employment services and workforce solutions to employers throughout our community. Contact us today to get started on finding the right fit for you.

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    The Express office is a locally owned small business with access to international resources. Founded in 1983, Express today employs more than 500,000 people across more than 850 franchise locations in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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    To help as many people as possible find good jobs by helping as many clients as possible find good people.

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    Express has put more than 5 million people to work worldwide.

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    Christine Martin

    Owner & President

    From a young age, Christine always wanted to own her own business and have a meaningful impact on her community. Growing up in Chatham Ontario with an entrepreneurial family, Christine got to experience the thrills and spills of small business ownership firsthand. Her families' companies serviced the agricultural and consumer goods industries in Ontario and Michigan.  From the age of 12 she had the opportunity to perform some very hands-on farming roles from planting tomatoes all the way to dispatching and HR.  The lessons learned from these roles still shape her hard working, honest approach to work today.

    After receiving a B.A. in Psychology from Wilfred Laurier University and advancing a 21-year career in Oil & Gas, the opportunity to own an Express office came about. She jumped at the chance and hasn't looked back. Today, she brings a compassionate and authentic approach to managing a team of remarkable individuals who share her passion for helping people and companies thrive. Her primary focus is on professional recruiting and driving business development.

    When relaxing, you can find Christine enjoying time with her husband Tim and their dog, Roger. She loves the outdoors, golfing, and spending time with friends. A long time Rotarian, she has been an active participant since high school when she took part in a Youth Exchange to Brazil. Her approach to life and work is to find joy in everything she does.

    Favourite quote:

    "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible." - Dalai Lama


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    Hannah Chinnery
    Hannah Chinnery

    Employment Specialist

    Hannah is an Employment Specialist working for the Office Services desk. She finds satisfaction in helping job seekers find full-time employment and making a difference in their lives.

    Born in Prince George, BC, Hannah was raised in Calgary and studied in Nova Scotia at Dalhousie University, where she graduated with a BA. Having taken French immersion from kindergarten to grade 12, she is bilingual in French and English. Since 2018, Hannah has worked for Express on and off during Christmas and summer breaks from school.

    Hannah enjoys staying active and getting out to the mountains in all seasons, skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. Being with friends, family, and her two dogs is her favourite way to spend her time. 


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    Rosa Klassen
    Rosa Klassen

    Business Development Manager

    Rosa Klassen is the Business Development Manager at Express Employment Professionals - Calgary South. Rosa's primary responsibility revolves around building strategic relationships with local businesses, assisting them in finding the perfect talent for their organizations. With an aptitude for communication and collaboration, Rosa aims to cultivate strong and enduring partnerships. What she truly appreciates about working with Express Employment Professionals is the team's culture of high performance, coupled with sincere care and concern for the people they serve.

    Rosa brings a wealth of business development experience, with 15 years of dedication to the field. Throughout her career, she’s strongly emphasized team development and leadership, with a commitment to excellence and going above and beyond for the people she works with.

    Beyond her professional pursuits, Rosa enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle and prioritizing fitness. Even though she's a single parent raising three kids, she always finds time for her personal fitness. In the summer, you'll often find her exploring the mountains or enjoying peaceful paddleboarding adventures.

    If you have any questions or want to work together to find talented people for your organization, don't hesitate to contact Rosa. You can reach her by email at or by phone at 403-255-3350, extension 103.

    Favourite Quote: 

    “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about un-becoming everything that isn’t really you, so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.” ― Paul Coelho

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    julia Yaskowich 2023
    Julia Yaskowich

    Office Manager

    Julia Yaskowich is a dedicated Front Office Coordinator with a passion for facilitating seamless communication and problem-solving within the team. Julia brings a unique perspective to her role with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, specializing in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Her primary responsibility is to ensure smooth contact between associates and the team, effectively addressing their needs and resolving any issues. Julia takes pride in her ability to keep the office running smoothly, enabling everyone to focus on their tasks and deliver their best work.

    Outside of work, Julia finds joy in the great outdoors. Whether gliding across the ice during winter skating sessions, taking refreshing dips in the water during summer swims, exploring scenic trails on hikes, or spending time at the dog park, she thrives in nature. Julia firmly believes in the power of finding joy in every moment and the joy others feel, as reflected in her favourite quote: "Find Joy in Joy." Her dedication to helping people find work and her love for nature makes her an invaluable asset to the Express team.

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    Aryn Burton
    Aryn Burton

    Skilled Trades Employment Specialist

    Aryn Burton is an Employment Specialist for the Skilled Trades Desk. Born and raised in Calgary, Aryn spent four years in Lethbridge, completing her Bachelor's in Kinesiology. With a strong background in recruiting, she has accumulated over four years of experience through internships and professional careers.

    Aryn has been involved in various recruitment units, including corporate, skilled trades, light industrial, and high-volume hiring, earning her two awards. Specializing in Skilled Trades hiring, Aryn eagerly embraces the ever-changing nature of this industry. She aims to become an expert in the Calgary market, supporting associates and companies in finding the perfect fit for their needs.

    In addition to her professional pursuits, Aryn values the supportive and professional atmosphere at Express. She thrives in a collaborative environment where team members actively work together to help others reach their goals. The team stays goal-oriented and dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

    Outside of work, Aryn has diverse interests. She finds joy in painting and uses her artistic skills to express herself creatively. During the winter months, she embraces the snowy slopes and enjoys skiing, while in the summer, she plays softball and volleyball. 

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    Ria 225
    Ria Nallas

    Employment Specialist

    Maria Angelica Nallas, or Ria, serves as an Employment Specialist at Express Employment Professionals. Working primarily on the Light Industrial Desk, Ria’s core responsibility is to ensure that candidates are thoughtfully matched with roles that align with their skills and experiences. Her mission is to act as a liaison between the workforce and employers, bridging gaps and creating opportunities for both parties involved.

    Originally born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Ria brings an international flair and diverse background to her role. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from De La Salle University, Manila, and completed her Diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Human Resources, at Bow Valley College in 2023 after moving to Canada in 2021.

    Before joining Specialized Recruiting Group, Ria gained significant experience in the financial and corporate sectors. She started her career as a Management Trainee, impressively graduating as top 6th in the Management Trainee Program at RCBC, before being promoted to the role of Credit Officer. She later transitioned into management roles within the retail sector upon her move to Canada.

    What Ria appreciates the most about working with Express is the uplifting team atmosphere. She thrives on the freedom to utilize her skills and experience in Human Resources, as well as the valuable lessons she continuously learns from her colleagues. When she’s not scouting for the next top talent, Ria enjoys reading, painting, trying out new restaurants, and globetrotting to discover new places.

    Favourite Quote: 

    "I took a deep breath and listened to the old brag of my heart: I am, I am, I am." - Sylvia Plath 


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    Keemia Akbari

    Recruiting Specialist

     Keemia Akbari holds the position of Recruiting Specialist at Express Employment Professionals, where her multi-faceted role includes everything from posting job ads and screening applicants to conducting interviews and managing administrative tasks. This role offers her the rewarding opportunity to interact with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and recommend them for placement to the Employment Specialists based on their unique skills and experiences.

    Born in Montreal and having lived in various Canadian cities, Keemia has a cosmopolitan background that enriches her professional perspective. She moved to Calgary in 2004, where she resided for around six years before heading to Toronto. Keemia earned an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, Human Resources from George Brown College, and further honed her expertise with a bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management from Ryerson University in 2020. She returned to Calgary in June 2022, bringing her wealth of experience and knowledge back to her second home.

    Before joining Express, Keemia was a Team Lead at Pandora in Toronto for four years. During her time there, she excelled in sales and consistently met her targets, standing out as one of the top sellers in the store. She gained valuable HR insights from her first job in the field at the Calgary Board of Education, before joining Express Employment Professionals in August 2023.

    What Keemia cherishes most about her role is the supportive and stimulating work environment. The hands-on experience she's gaining is not just fulfilling professionally, but also personally, as she enjoys building relationships with candidates and helping them secure employment.

    When she's not immersed in her work, Keemia loves to spend time with family and friends, explore her culinary skills, and dance to the rhythm of life.


    Favourite Quote:

    “The only lasting beauty is the beauty of the heart” – Rumi


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    Cherie Parker

    Marketing Coordinator

    Cherie Parker is the Marketing Coordinator at Express Employment Calgary South. Cherie helps support the team communicate their services, vision and purpose to clients and candidates through various digital media channels. As a graphic designer, she strives to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also communicate a message effectively.

    Cherie's journey in the design field spans over 25 years, beginning with a diploma in Fine Arts followed by specialization in Computer Graphics. Originating from London, Ontario, she brings a wealth of experience with her varied career endeavours. Cherie's passion for design permeates every aspect of her work, drawing inspiration from her extensive background as a designer and entrepreneur. Currently, she channels her creativity into freelancing, balancing her time between design, marketing, and engaging in innovative print projects.

    Beyond her professional pursuits, Cherie embraces the outdoors and indulges in culinary experimentation in her kitchen. Her commitment to work-life balance is evident as she dedicates quality time to cherished moments with friends and family.

    Favourite quote:
    “Love the life you live. Live the life you love.”  - Bob Marley

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    Roger 2023

    Greeter and Manager of Snack Distribution

    As official Office Greeter and Manager of Snack Distribution, Roger's responsibilities include greeting everyone, inspecting all desks thoroughly to ensure all snacks are being shared with him and securing the perimeter of our building with daily sniff inspections. He works part-time, and this is his first role working outside the home (non-remote).  

    Before joining Express, Roger was a bit of a mystery as he was found as a stray and eventually adopted from the Calgary Humane Society.  

    Outside of work, he volunteers as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog, where he visits residents at care homes. His favourite activities are playing with other dogs at the dog park, cuddling and eating all the things.

    Favourite quote: 



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