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  • Building Skills. Building Careers.

    Improving and learning new skills increases your options for getting the career you want. Express Employment Professionals offers training resources and programs to help you get where you want to go.

  • Computer Software

    Computer-based tutorials, from beginning to advanced.

  • Communication Training

    Verbal and written communication skills for any job that requires interaction with customers.

  • Safety Education

    Introduction to worksite, tools, and equipment used on a job including job safety and proper use. 

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    Job Genius

    Video based training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Job Genius

    Video training on the job market forecast, resumes and interviewing, how to find job openings, and building a career path.

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    Career White Papers

    Learn what format is best for your resume – PDF vs Word, and how to achieve work/life balance.

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    With tips and advice on everything from the job search to finding work life balance, Express’ Job Journey blog is a great resource for employees and job seekers alike. 

    • What to Do If You Don’t Find Office Work Satisfying

      Desk job got ya down? Here’s a few tips. Day after day you sit in your cubicle, shuffling papers and filling out forms, waiting on other people to get their job done so you can finish up projects. And maybe scrolling through a few more Buzzfeed articles than you should be. Or you sit around in meetings where nothing is getting done, thinking about what’s for lunch. In short, you’re bored of your office job. Office life can be great for many of us, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone! If you can’t handle the tiresome tedium any longer, you really only have two choices: spice things up or look for a job in a different field. Spice is Nice If a chef isn’t impressed by a bland piece of chicken, what does he do? He adds salt or spices to make a delicious dish. The same thing applies to your office job. For example, it’s possible your dislike of office work is due to a lack of …

      Tue, 21 Jan 2020

    • Poll Results: Will You Find a Job in 2020?

      As we enter a new decade, many job seekers are hoping to change careers or find employment. To get an idea of how the job market looks to our readers, we asked you what you thought the job search might look like in 2020. Forty-six percent of job seekers think finding a new job in 2020 will be “somewhat difficult,” while 36% say it will be “hard.” Just 14% believe it will be “somewhat easy,” while 4% note it will be “easy.” A few readers provided further information about their thoughts on the 2020 job search, including the following: “I am 69. I have worked many years and now I would like to only work part time. I have applied to over 75 places and nothing. I have had three interviews.” “It’s definitely a market where I can move around—I feel good about it!” “It will be hard. I just finished a post secondary program at NAIT and will be competing against others who have tons more experience!” Depending on …

      Thu, 16 Jan 2020

    • Traditional 9 to 5 or Flexible Hours?

      What’s better? There’s been a large trend recently in companies shifting to a more flexible work schedule. In Japan, for example, a 4-day workweek experiment saw productivity jump 40%. As noted by Upwork, Apple hires “At Home Advisors” to help out with customer support, while Dell offers a “Connected Workplace” that includes a wealth of flexible work options, from remote work to flextime and more. But are flexible work schedules better for everyone? And what are the advantages? Let’s dig in. PRO/CON: You Set Your Own Schedule Employees who use flextime are able to literally work around their schedule. If they need to get a haircut, pick up the kids, or just go on a lunch date, they can build that into their flextime plan. Employees who have the opportunity to work remotelycan also take care for loved ones or wait for the electrician to show up. However, this can also be a major con. It’s easier to get work done at the office because that’s what the office is …

      Tue, 14 Jan 2020