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  • WEB15CTA_150x100_ExpressNews Owners of Five Successful Offices Named Express Franchisees of the Year Champaign, IL - 03/21/2021 In their nearly 20 years with Express Employment Professionals, Richard and Lynn Yoerk have come full circle from working in a franchise to owning five of their own today in Illinois.
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  • 1099 Workers graphic Flexibility vs. Stability: 1099 Work Gains Popularity, but Traditional W-2 Employment Preferences Endure OKLAHOMA CITY - 11/29/2023 Job seekers’ and employees’ desire for flexibility has upended the workforce, and while the majority of both groups don’t believe that 1099 employment is simply a fad (66% job seekers and 58% hiring managers), more than 7 in 10 believe it will never replace traditional employment (72% and 75%, respectively).
    Preferred Hiring Demographics - America Employed - November 8th, 2023 Employers’ Preferred Hiring Demographics May Face Pressure Against DEI Compliance OKLAHOMA CITY - 11/08/2023 While U.S. companies welcome a variety of applicants, priority is placed on some groups, with some hiring managers feeling pressure to meet diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) requirements.
    Image with a starburst surrounding text stating The Big Rewards of Microcredentials OKLAHOMA CITY - 10/25/2023 Express Employment Professionals announces the release of its new white paper focusing on how shorter, more customizable learning opportunities can help job seekers and existing employees secure in-demand jobs and upskill without committing to a much longer traditional degree program.
    America Employed - Job Seeker Priorities Thumbnail image Job Seekers Willing to Sacrifice Salary for Freedom OKLAHOMA CITY - 10/11/2023 In an ever-changing job market, job seekers are placing new and compelling priorities at the forefront of their career choices as a majority are willing to sacrifice better pay for flexible schedules.
    9-27-23 Hiring Intentions - America Employed Surge in U.S. Seniors Applying for Entry-Level Positions OKLAHOMA CITY - 09/27/2023 U.S. hiring managers are on the hunt for full-time talent, and many (79%) report a rising tide of older workers vying for entry-level roles compared to three years ago.