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  • Avoiding Common Virtual Interview Mistakes: A Guide

    Champaign, Illinois - March 03, 2023

    2023-02 - Job Openings in Champaign-Urbana IllinoisTraditional interviews have evolved, and we are seeing companies utilizing virtual interview practices more and more. But what does that mean for you as a potential interviewee? Although many of the same interview practices will transition with the online shift, there are more pitfalls that candidates should be aware of when applying to job openings in the future.

    Silence Your Devices 

    We constantly live with our devices, and we may not notice the continuous buzzing and dings from notifications during our daily routines, but during an interview, they don’t go unnoticed! While you’re setting up for your interview, make sure that you turn all of your devices to silent mode. This will help the flow of your interview and keep you from getting distracted and interrupted while speaking to your interviewer.

    Join the Meeting Early 

    Technology tends to fail when we need it the most! To avoid joining late to your interview or even missing it completely, test the program you are using. If you can, you should also test the video and audio features within the program. Waiting until the last few minutes to get your program up and running can be an issue if you encounter any technical problems. You don’t want to miss an interview you took the time to prepare for just because your computer was slow! It’s always a good rule of thumb to be early to an interview, even a virtual one.

    Close Inappropriate Tabs 

    Sometimes it is necessary to share your screen with your interviewer, and for some candidates, this is where they make their first mistake. It is good standard practice that when preparing for a virtual interview, you do not leave any inappropriate tabs open on your computer. Even if you do not plan to share your screen during the meeting, you should always take preventative measures when possible.

    Have a Clean Interview Space 

    Your interview space can say a lot about you as a candidate. Companies want to know they will be hiring an organized and capable individual, and if your background is cluttered and messy, they could attribute that to your professional skills as well. To avoid them making this assumption about you, ensure that you have cleaned and organized the space shown during your interview.

    If you silence your devices, join the meeting early, close inappropriate tabs, and clean your interview space, you can avoid some of the most common virtual interview mistakes made by other interviewees. Avoiding these mistakes puts you a step closer to the employment opportunity you are vying for. Don't let these new challenges stop you from reaching your career goals!

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