How to Recognize a Good Manager

  • How to Recognize a Good Manager

    Champaign, IL - March 30, 2023

    2023-03 - Employment opportunities in Champaign, Illinois

    Spotting a good manager is a critical skill for both an employer and a potential candidate to have. Managers can set the tone for a company and the workplace environment, so being able to recognize poor management skills can save you time and stress in the future. Let's take a look at four helpful questions to ask potential managers, whether you are looking to hire a manager or are fielding through job openings as a candidate.

    What Qualities Do You Think Make Up a Good Manager? 

    There are many aspects and characteristics that can be identified in a good manager, and they largely depend on what you are looking for. Use this question to help guide your conversation with potential managers, giving them an opportunity to highlight themselves and the qualities they believe make up a good leader. This question also opens other conversation channels, allowing you to dive deeper into their leadership skills and capabilities.

    How Would You Handle Team Conflict? 

    Team conflict can, at times, be inevitable in the workplace. Companies tend to hire candidates that bring new ideas and opinions to the table to ensure their business is well-rounded. While this hiring practice is vital to a company’s success, it can also cause friction between employees when sharing ideas for a project. It is necessary for a good manager to understand how to dissolve conflict quickly while respecting the team’s opinions as well.

    What is Your Approach to Delegating Work? 

    One of the many roles of a manager is delegating tasks to their team and creating timelines. A good manager should be able to identify what tasks align with the job descriptions of their staff and which projects would fit well based on individual strengths and weaknesses. A manager should also avoid micromanaging the work process of their team and instead set achievable timelines and scheduled check-ins.

    How Would You Celebrate Team Success? 

    Celebrating team success can have a huge impact on company morale and the camaraderie between coworkers. As a manager, it is their responsibility to ensure that they are acknowledging their staff’s milestones and achievements in a manner that matches the preferences of the individuals involved. Asking this question will help you understand the company dynamic as a job seeker and the qualities a manager can bring to your business as an employer.

    Use these questions to your advantage! When looking for employment opportunities or hiring a manager as an employer, opening conversations with potential managers using these questions can help you decide if their qualities are the right fit for you. Don’t be afraid to take it a step further and add more questions to your list.

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