How to Settle Your Second Interview Jitters

  • How to Settle Your Second Interview Jitters

    Champaign, IL - April 28, 2023

    2023-04 - Staffing Solutions Company in Champaign, Illinois
    Your first interview was a success, and now you have been asked back for a second interview! Congratulations! Along with the excitement you may feel being asked back, you may also be experiencing a second wave of nerves. In this blog, we'll discuss tips and tasks provided by a staffing solutions company to help settle your second interview jitters.

    Show Confidence Through Your Body Language 

    A person can interpret a lot about how someone is feeling and their personality by reading their body language. During your interview, you should make a conscious effort to present confident body language, like making eye contact, slowing your movements, and not fidgeting. It may also be helpful to research other mannerisms you can incorporate while speaking, giving you the best opportunity to continue your great first impression and exude confidence.

    Prep for In-Depth Questions 

    Prepare for more challenging questions! Your first interview was more than likely a chance to get a general overview of your knowledge, experience, and personality, but the second meeting is a chance for hiring managers to dive a little deeper. Some interviewers like to take this opportunity to discuss hypotheticals to gauge how you would react in certain scenarios, while others want to look at your experiences a little closer. Either way, you should be prepared for questions that will be more challenging and require more thought to answer.

    Show Enthusiasm 

    Don’t drop your level of enthusiasm from your first interview. Your interviewers are looking for a candidate that not only has the qualifications for the position but also the dedication and passion for it as well. Go into your second interview with even more drive and determination than you brought to your first meeting and continue to show your passion and excitement for this position to the hiring managers.

    Write Down Any Further Questions You May Have 

    It is important that you bring a new list of questions for your interviewers that either stem from your first interview discussions or any additional information you would like to know about the position or the company that you have not previously spoken about. You should reference the notes you took after your first interview and use them to craft new questions!

    Never let nerves determine your success. By showing confidence through body language, prepping for in-depth questions, showing your enthusiasm, and bringing new questions, you should be well prepared for your second interview! If you need, you can contact a local temp staffing company to receive more information and tips on how to prepare for a second interview. You got this, good luck!

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