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  • Heather Cordova, Owner of Chandler's Premier Staffing Office
    Heather Cordova


    "The most rewarding part of working for Express is I get to bring a high level of customer service by developing an in-depth understanding of client needs, providing qualified professionals, and tailoring managed service solutions which allow clients to focus on expanding their business and achieving their goals."

    Heather Cordova became the Franchise Partner of Express Chandler on July 1, 2022. She has an eye for talent and a strong desire to do her best. The entirety of her career has been in HR/Talent roles working with large, global organizations and start-ups as well as being a part of acquisitions/mergers and a company relaunch. She previously worked for Express from 1996 - 2007 but left to work for Wells Fargo as a recruiter and then moved into HR Management. As an HR Manager, she oversaw recruiting and training departments.

    Heather grew up in Portland, OR, and relocated to southern California to be in the mortgage lending hub. She relocated to Chandler, AZ, to take on the exciting opportunity of running the Express Chandler branch, which she says is a dream come true.

    Heather is a wonderful individual who makes the lives of everyone around her nicer, brighter, and more beautiful. From cooking and baking to arts and theatre, Heather enjoys learning new things and constantly seeks new learning opportunities. When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family: her husband, Justin, their six daughters, Annesia, Estela, Danielle, Arianna, Lilliana, and Callie, as well as her four sisters and one brother. In addition, she has a Poodle/Schnauzer mix, Oliver, that is 12 years old and is the best lap dog!

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    Estela Martinez, Employment Specialist
    Estela Martinez

    Employment Specialist - Office Services

    "My favorite part about working for Express is the personal touch of in-person interviews. In addition, the office's liveliness makes for a great work environment."

    Estela joined Express Employment Professionals in December 2022 as one of our Employment Specialists. She is a determined recruiter passionate about knowledge and finding great people great jobs!

    Estela has worked in the recruitment world since 2018 and possesses a wide range of industry experience, including healthcare, technology, office services, telecommunication, C-Suite employees, non-profits, and marketing.

    We're excited to have Estela on our team and watch her grow into her role while helping our associates and clients find the right opportunities and personnel.

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    Vanessa Rivas, Front Office Coordinator
    Vanessa Rivas

    Front Office Coordinator

    "The most rewarding thing about working at Express is helping those looking for employment and seeing how ecstatic they are to start their new job."

    Vanessa joined Express Employment Professionals in January 2023 as our office's Front Office Coordinator. As a person and an employee, Vanessa is outgoing, loves new things, and loves to be as involved as possible. Those in her life who know her best would consider Vanessa selfless, caring, and very dependable. Her best skill is adapting to different environments and roles quickly when needed. Before Express, Vanessa had work experience in retail, sales, and customer service.

    Born and raised here in Arizona, Vanessa can't think of any place else she'd want to live and has no plans to relocate. She loves spending time with her family and friends, from hanging out to getting involved in activities. She's also very into traveling and volunteering her time.

    Favorite Quote

    "Love the life you live. Live the life you love." - Bob Marley

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    Julius Taylor

    Employment Specialist

    "Witnessing the transformation of a smile when financial burdens are eased, or observing the genuine happiness that accompanies offering someone employment, fills me with a sense of purpose and gratification."

    Since joining the Express team in April of 2023, Julius has found great joy in helping people find jobs. He keeps a positive outlook and strives to infuse that positivity in the workplace. He prides himself for his strong work ethic and dedicating himself to every task he takes on.

    Julius was born and raised in Waukegan, IL, where he grew up in a culturally diverse community. He moved to Arizona in 2020 to begin a new journey. He is a parent to five amazing children. Outside of work and family, his passions are an array of creative pursuits, including music engineering.

    Favorite Quote

    "I’m getting better every day in every way."

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    Madison Garnett

    Business Developer

    "It is work that celebrates hard work and differences, which is something that makes me excited to come in every day."

    Madison joined the Express team in August 2023 as a hardworking and loyal employee. She loves to see people be successful and fulfilled in their lives and getting to be a part of that process. With a work background of various niches, she believes there is always something intriguing about discovering something new.

    Originally from Chicago, Madison moved to Phoenix, AZ in 2022 where she now lives with her husband and their Ridgeback/Lab mix Cooper and Tuxedo cat Banshee. She has a vast hobby list, including being a professional makeup artist and painter.

    Something Unique

    Madison graduated college with a BBA in 2.5 years!

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