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  • Heather Cordova, Owner of Chandler's Premier Staffing Office
    Heather Cordova


    "The most rewarding part of working for Express is I get to bring a high level of customer service by developing an in-depth understanding of client needs, providing qualified professionals, and tailoring managed service solutions which allow clients to focus on expanding their business and achieving their goals."

    Heather Cordova became the Franchise Partner of Express Chandler on July 1, 2022. She has an eye for talent and a strong desire to do her best. The entirety of her career has been in HR/Talent roles working with large, global organizations and start-ups as well as being a part of acquisitions/mergers and a company relaunch. She previously worked for Express from 1996 - 2007 but left to work for Wells Fargo as a recruiter and then moved into HR Management. As an HR Manager, she oversaw recruiting and training departments.

    Heather grew up in Portland, OR, and relocated to southern California to be in the mortgage lending hub. She relocated to Chandler, AZ, to take on the exciting opportunity of running the Express Chandler branch, which she says is a dream come true.

    Heather is a wonderful individual who makes the lives of everyone around her nicer, brighter, and more beautiful. From cooking and baking to arts and theatre, Heather enjoys learning new things and constantly seeks new learning opportunities. When she's not at work, she enjoys spending time with her family: her husband, Justin, their six daughters, Annesia, Estela, Danielle, Arianna, Lilliana, and Callie, as well as her four sisters and one brother. In addition, she has a Poodle/Schnauzer mix, Oliver, that is 12 years old and is the best lap dog!

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    Gretta Silva-Ane, Account Manager for Staffing Firm in Chandler, AZ
    Gretta Silva-Ane

    Account Manager

    "My favorite part and the most rewarding part of working with Express is being able to make strong connections with our associates. I love seeing associates happy and thankful after being put on an assignment they enjoy doing. Seeing how shocked and happy associates are when you remember their names or little things about them is very rewarding, too. It shows them we genuinely care about them and their success."

    In June 2022, Gretta started working as our team's Front Office Coordinator and is now an Account Manager. Before transferring to the Chandler, AZ office, Gretta worked as an Employment Specialist and Front Office Coordinator at the Flowood, MS office. Before joining Express Employment Professionals, she taught preschool and music at a school in Kentucky.

    Originally born and raised in Wilkes County, NC, Gretta first moved to Berea, KY, for college. She then moved to Mississippi while her fiance worked towards his master's. Once completed, the pair decided to move to Arizona, where her fiance is from.

    Some of Gretta's passions include teaching music and working with children. She loves to practice music in her free time and play and watch soccer on Sundays.

    Quirky, genuine, and patient who is familiar with our goals as an Express team, we are thrilled to have Gretta onboard and know her future will continue to be bright.

    Favorite Quote

    The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

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    Estela Martinez, Employment Specialist
    Estela Martinez

    Employment Specialist - Office Services

    "My favorite part about working for Express is the personal touch of in-person interviews. In addition, the office's liveliness makes for a great work environment."

    Estela joined Express Employment Professionals in December 2022 as one of our Employment Specialists. She is a determined recruiter passionate about knowledge and finding great people great jobs!

    Estela has worked in the recruitment world since 2018 and possesses a wide range of industry experience, including healthcare, technology, office services, telecommunication, C-Suite employees, non-profits, and marketing.

    We're excited to have Estela on our team and watch her grow into her role while helping our associates and clients find the right opportunities and personnel.

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    Kylie Thomas, Recruitment Firm Chander Arizona
    Kylie Thomas

    Recruiting Specialist

    "One of the most rewarding parts of being a part of Express is getting to help people find jobs that will allow them to support their families."

    Kylie joined Express Employment Professionals in July 2021 as a Recruiting Specialist at the Gresham, Oregon, branch. Native to the Pacific Northwest, Kylie always grew up with horses and had a longstanding dream of owning her ranch and farm one day, living in Arizona on 10 acres. Now that she has settled in Phoenix with her two children, she is one step closer to fulfilling that dream.

    Kylie is very easygoing by nature, always trying to find ways to prioritize her time and make things easier for those around her. She has various food industry and receptionist work experience that she utilizes here at Express and has proven to be outgoing, reliable, trustworthy, and loyal.

    Favorite Quote

    "Everything happens for a reason."

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    Sarah Ramirez, Business Developer
    Sarah Ramirez

    Business Developer

    "My favorite part so far is connecting with the different people that come into the office and seeing the genuine passion my coworkers have to help them secure a new job. I am eager to start heading out to businesses, connecting with different people in our territory, and watching our relationships and business grow. I hope to be instrumental in Express Chandler's success in reaching Bronze status next year!"

    Sarah joined Express Employment Professionals in December 2022 as our office's Business Developer. Born and raised in the small border town of Yuma, Arizona, Having always lived in a warm climate, Sarah tends to find herself cold when the temperature is below 65 degrees. When Sarah turned 19, she and her then three-year-old son relocated to the Phoenix area to pursue better opportunities.

    "It's a satisfying feeling seeing something you've envisioned come to life."

    Sarah has been in sales for her entire working career. From being a make-up artist/aesthetician to selling new homes in real estate to going door-to-door selling office supplies. She enjoys setting goals for herself, figuring out ways to accomplish them, and then watching the business grow through her hard work and efforts. Having grown up very close to her grandmother, who taught her about authentic cooking, and her grandfather, who ran his own business, Sarah says that their influence is crucial to her becoming the woman she is today.

    Sarah enjoys spending time with her children, being near water, reading nonfiction literature, and watching true crime documentaries when she's not hard at work. She's also a big fan of most sports and loves to see teams play live whenever she gets a chance.

    Favorite Quote

    The proverb is "Nana korobi, ya oki," which means "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." It means never giving up hope and always striving for more. It means that your focus isn't on the reality in front of you but on a greater vision that may still need to be a reality.

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    Vanessa Rivas, Front Office Coordinator
    Vanessa Rivas

    Front Office Coordinator

    "The most rewarding thing about working at Express is helping those looking for employment and seeing how ecstatic they are to start their new job."

    Vanessa joined Express Employment Professionals in January 2023 as our office's Front Office Coordinator. As a person and an employee, Vanessa is outgoing, loves new things, and loves to be as involved as possible. Those in her life who know her best would consider Vanessa selfless, caring, and very dependable. Her best skill is adapting to different environments and roles quickly when needed. Before Express, Vanessa had work experience in retail, sales, and customer service.

    Born and raised here in Arizona, Vanessa can't think of any place else she'd want to live and has no plans to relocate. She loves spending time with her family and friends, from hanging out to getting involved in activities. She's also very into traveling and volunteering her time.

    Favorite Quote

    "Love the life you live. Live the life you love." - Bob Marley

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    Bryana McClain - Warehouse Staffing in Chandler Arizona
    Bryana McClain

    Employment Specialist - Light Industrial

    "I love being able to build amazing bonds with our associates and watching them become successful."

    Bryana joined Express Employment Professionals in March 2023 as one of our Employment Specialists, focusing on our Light Industrial division. She is a genuine and passionate individual who strives to continue growing and improving while being outgoing and fun around the office. 


    Bryana was born and raised right here in the Valley but currently lives in Superior, AZ, where her fiance is from. They have four dogs (Brooklyn, Bronx, Bailee, and Bear), and together, they enjoy spending quality time cruising through the desert or camping. In addition, Bryana and her family have opened and are operating a non-profit foundation that raises money for student scholarships. 


    Bryana started her career in the recruitment industry in 2017. She has recruited for various industries, including accounting and finance, information technology, administrative, and human resources/payroll. Paired with her compassionate nature and community-driven spirit, we are excited to have her on our team. We look forward to watching her thrive as one of Chandler's Express Employment Professionals.

    Favorite Quote 

    "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney.

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