Finding Career Opportunities in Colorado Springs After a Work Hiatus

  • Finding Career Opportunities in Colorado Springs After a Work Hiatus

    Colorado Springs, CO - November 29, 2021

    2021-11 November Administrative Jobs in Colorado Springs, CO Typically, people choose to leave the workforce for personal reasons such as marriage or family needs. No matter what your reason is, if you have been out of the workforce for over six months then you are considered a re-entrant worker - someone who returns to work after an absence of less than five years. So, if you're looking to get back into the game, our  employment center  has the following tips for you! 

    Find the best way to "sell" yourself in an interview. 

    You should learn as much as you can about any company and job opportunity before interviewing. The more familiar you are with a company and its goals, the easier it will be for you to tailor your answers during an interview. This is not only important when talking about experience, but also about how you plan to help the company. 

    Keep up with the industry. 

    If you haven't been caught in a big labor slump like others, continue your education and training. Keep up with new trends and methods that suit your profession. You may even want to become involved at local colleges or follow them on social media to catch any job postings they might be offering; it could give you an edge. 

    If you are considering taking classes for this purpose, be sure to let past employers know about it. It will show that you intend to stay in the industry and have invested some time into giving yourself a competitive advantage. 

    Be patient while looking for work. 

    When you are out of work for an extended period, it can make finding a new position problematic; and while lots of people may want their old job back, a former employer may have just had to fill the position quickly and the position is no longer available to return to. So, be patient. The right position is out there waiting for you! 

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