Celebrating Pennington Seed: Express Employment Professionals' Client of the Month September 2023

  • Celebrating Pennington Seed: Express Employment Professionals' Client of the Month September 2023

    Albany, OR - September 12, 2023

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    At Express Employment Professionals, we're dedicated to partnering with exceptional companies that share our commitment to excellence and fostering strong, lasting relationships. This month, we are thrilled to honor Pennington Seed as our Client of the Month for their unwavering dedication to cultivating success in the agricultural sector for over seven decades.

    A Legacy of Excellence:

    Founded in 1945 in Georgia, Pennington Seed has been at the forefront of the agricultural industry for over 70 years. Their commitment to quality and innovation has made them a trusted name among farmers and gardeners nationwide. Their Lebanon location, which opened in 1989, has played a pivotal role in their continued success.

    Key People Behind the Success:

    We had the pleasure of sitting down with two remarkable individuals who have been instrumental in Pennington Seed's journey. Jim O'Connell, who initially joined the company as the controller in 2006, has demonstrated his dedication by transitioning into operations and serving as the plant manager for the past decade. Alongside Jim, we also spoke with Elizabeth Boedigheimer, the Assistant Plant Manager, who has been an integral part of the Pennington team for seven years.

    A Focus on People:

    Pennington Seed's motto, "Good people first," underscores their commitment to fostering a supportive and nurturing work environment. They proudly shared the story of Steven, who began as a temporary associate and has since become one of their main operators. This exemplifies their dedication to nurturing talent from within their ranks.

    Quality and Consistency:

    One of Pennington Seed's cornerstones is building strong relationships with farmers who, like them, prioritize quality and integrity. They commend their entire team for their expert seed management, ensuring consistent and high-quality seed production. Cross training, employee development, and retention rank high on their list of priorities, a testament to their investment in both their employees and their product.


    Express Employment Professionals - A Proud Partner:

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    We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to partner with a company like Pennington Seed, which places such value on good people and unwavering commitment to quality. Their dedication to building strong relationships with their employees, farmers, and partners mirrors our own commitment to excellence in staffing solutions.

    Express Employment Professionals is honored to recognize Pennington Seed as our Client of the Month. Their remarkable journey, focus on people, and dedication to quality and consistency make them a true leader in the agricultural industry. We look forward to continuing our partnership and assisting them in finding more "Good People First."

    To learn more about Pennington Seed and their exceptional products, please visit their website www.pennington.com 

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