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  • Adjusting to the Swing Shift Adjusting to the Swing Shift 06/16/2020 There can be something nice about working the swing shift. The world is quieter at night, and sometimes you’re even paid a little extra for taking those hours.
    Financial Benefits to Using a Staffing Agency Financial Benefits to Using a Staffing Agency 06/09/2020 Keeping your business fully staffed is expensive. Ideally, you’ll build a team of reliable professionals who perform for decades with no resignations. But we all know that won’t happen. Eventually someone will leave, someone else will retire, and you may even have to fire a poorly performing team member.
    Middle Tennessee Staffing Trends Middle Tennessee Staffing Trends 06/02/2020

    Before the pandemic hit, the jobs market in Middle Tennessee was strong, with low unemployment rates and a strong economy. As the area slowly reopens, though, the unemployment rate has hit record highs. In fact, the current 14.7 percent unemployment rate is the highest it's been since the Great Depression.


    Attracting the Perfect Candidate Attracting the Perfect Candidate to your Open Position 05/26/2020 Adding someone to your team is a big step. You’re bringing someone into your existing environment, hoping it will be the right fit. But making the wrong choice in the hiring process can cost you down the road. You’ll have the weeks or months you lost training the employee, in addition to the added expense of recruiting, hiring, and training a replacement.
    Improve Productivity with a staffing agency2 Improve Productivity with a Staffing Agency 05/19/2020 Your workforce is the heart and soul of your business. The amount of work you get out of each person is known as productivity, and that productivity can be weighed against the money you spend on payroll.