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    Bauer Dubuque Jobs
    Nikki Bauer

    Sales Professional

    Having held multiple positions during her 6 years on the team, Nikki has a full understanding of what each niche can do for local companies. She loves getting to know the company and its employees so the team knows exactly what type of personality and skill set will be the most successful in a particular role.


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    Bergfeld Dubuque Jobs
    Keisha Bergfeld

    Industrial Recruiter

    Starting in August of 2017, Keisha jumped into the Express team with determination and zeal. She has excellent abilities to connect with job seekers and place them in the job that fits best.

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    Cordes Dubuque Jobs
    Lauren Cordes

    Office Services Recruiting Specialist

    Lauren joined the Express staff in September 2020 and has become an important asset to her department. Her professionalism and exuberance for staffing have brought her a large amount of success in the short time she has been here.


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    Cannon Dubuque Jobs
    Carrie Cannon

    Lead Industrial Specialist

    Between her certification in Employment Law and her 17 years of experience in the staffing industry, Carrie leads the Industrial Department with compassion and determination. Her strong customer service skills make her invaluable to her clients and associates alike.


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    Duve Dubuque Jobs
    Allie Duve

    Front Office Coordinator

    In June of 2020, Allie was brought onto the Express Dubuque team. Her teamwork skills and interpersonal communication keep our staff, our associates, and our office organized no matter what.


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    Fortson Dubuque Jobs
    Paige Fortson

    Recruiting Specialist

    Joining the Express Dubuque team in April 2018, Paige is highly-valued for her communications skills both within the team and with job seekers. She is always willing to lend a helping hand around the office, whether it be answering phones or assisting other recruiters.


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    Gibson Dubuque Jobs
    Cassie Gibson

    Executive Recruiter

    Cassie joined the Specialized Recruiting Group in March of 2020. She has 10 years of customer experience in Dubuque which she uses to clients' and candidates' advantage.


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    Klein Dubuque Jobs
    Lori Klein

    Managing Director of Specialized Recruiting Group

    Lori has had many roles inside of Express Employment Professionals and has been with the team for 10 years.  Both company decision makers and employees can look to Lori for her highly-specialized skills in staffing.


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    Patrum, Ashley 3
    Ashley Patrum

    Industrial Recruiter

    Ashley is one of our most experienced recruiters, joining the Express Dubuque staff in June of 2010. Her years of dedication to her occupation have given her extensive knowledge of both recruiting and the industrial needs of the Dubuque community. Ashley is excellently in tune with her customer's changing needs.


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    Schaul Dubuque Jobs
    Mike Schaul


    Mike founded the Dubuque Express office in May of 2007 with co-owner Matt Timmerman. Since then, he has opened 6 additional offices and brought on 3 additional partners. He excels in finding great talent for the team and creating a strong and positive work culture.


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    Stevenson Dubuque Jobs
    Rachel Stevenson

    Operations Coordinator

    Our team was thrilled Rachel joined the Express team in May 2013. Everyone on our team knows Rachel is the go-to gal. Her organizational skills are second to none and she always figures out how to get the job done.


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    Timmerman Dubuque Jobs
    Matt Timmerman


    Matt has over 20 years of experience in the staffing industry, and opened his first Express office in 2007, with business partner Mike Schaul. Since then, he has opened 6 additional offices and brought on 3 additional partners. Matt cares deeply about the relationships he builds with clients and works hard to care for the Express Team.


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    Wand Dubuque Jobs
    Molly Wand

    Lead Office Services Employment Specialist

    Joining the Express Team in August of 2017, Molly is the leader of the Administrative Department and is passionate about continuing education for internal staff. 


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