Meet the Owners

  • T2Taylor Engelhart - Owner / Franchisee

    Taylor drives our business just as hard and fast as he drives his red GTR sports car!   Along with his love of cars, he has a soft side and tolerates his cat “Boots”.   Throw in lake time, some volleyball, and time spent with good friends, and you get a glimpse of Taylor.  His 15 years experience in the Employment Agency industry has found him to be “the guy to call” from our business partners that seek questions in employee related matters, business acquisitions, stock values, and of course the number one request from our business partners seeking Express Employment Professionals assistance in finding them more great Employees!

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    Don Arvidson - Business Consultant

    God has blessed Don with his sweet wife Monica, 3 children and 4 grand kids, and the opportunity to own and operate the Fargo, ND Express Employment Professionals office over the past 16 years. 

    Don says, “The past 40 years of Customer Service and Business Consulting related work has gone by at lighting speed.  I love what we do at Express.  Many years ago when I was a younger man, I just wanted to make some money and get ahead.  16 years ago my paradigm shifted to having a “servants heart” for all our customers.   When we can help a person find a good job, and serve our client companies in finding them great new employees, now that is fun and everyone gets ahead and wins!  I am so thankful for our wonderful Express Customers." 

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