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  • Job Search in Clifton

    Grand Junction, CO - June 01, 2021

    Job Search in Clifton | Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction Are you a recent college graduate starting a job search in Clifton, CO? If so, Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction can help kickstart your search.

    We are always looking for qualified and hardworking candidates to fill local job openings in the Clifton area, and we are eager to work with new graduates. We can help you search for a great first job after college, helping you take the initial step in your career.

    We know that looking for work after college can be an uneasy experience. Below are three tips from our employment team that can help with your search.

    Job Search Tips for College Grads

    Focus on Career Building Blocks.  When you're looking for a job after college, the right position will offer much more than just a paycheck. You'll want to look for positions that can be used as building blocks toward your long-term career goals. The best opportunities will give you the chance to learn valuable skills, build professional experience, develop your network, or position yourself for promotion. At the end of the day, these opportunities can be far more valuable than the compensation.

    Look for Off-the-Beaten Path Opportunities.  Careers don't always advance in a straight line, and you can gain valuable experience or skills by going off the beaten path. Many college graduates pin themselves in by conducting narrow job searches after graduation. By opening yourself up to a broader range of job opportunities in the Clifton area, you can find non-traditional ways to advance your career.

    Be Careful with Peer Comparisons.  If you land a great first job out of college, that's fantastic-but it's no guarantee of future success. Similarly, if you have trouble finding a job you like after graduating, that doesn't mean you can't build a great career. It's easy to overrate the importance of your first job, and that can make comparing yourself against peers a bit misleading. So don't get too hung up on how your job search is going in relation to your friends and fellow graduates. Instead, keep yourself focused on moving forward toward your long-term goals.

    Find Work in Clifton with Express!

    Ready to get started with your job search? With help from Express, it's easy to look for work within the Clifton area. Our team will work with you to understand your short-term and long-term goals and connect you with the right job opportunities.

    By applying to Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction, you can conduct your job search in:

    • Clifton
    • Grand Junction
    • Fruita
    • Palisade
    • Whitewater
    • Surrounding areas

    Call (970) 242-4500 to learn more about our job search services in Clifton or apply online to get started with Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction!