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  • Job Search in Grand Junction

    Grand Junction, CO - April 29, 2021

    Job Search in Grand Junction | Express Employment Professonals Grand Junction One of the smartest ways to prepare for a job search in Grand Junction is to plan ahead for interview opportunities.

    At Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction, we often work with job seekers to help prepare for interviews. One strategy we recommend is to review common interview questions and practice answers ahead of time.

    Below, we've collected three of the questions you're most likely to hear during your job search. We've also included tips from our employment experts on how to ace these questions and impress local employers in Grand Junction.

    Job Search Tips for Interview Questions

    1. What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?  The toughest part about this question is how you talk about your weaknesses. The best strategy isn't to act like you don't have any. Instead, it's better to show you understand your limitations, but that you know how to work around or overcome them. When talking about your strengths, try to focus on qualities you'll need to use in your new position.

    2. Why are you leaving your current job/company?  The danger when answering this question is that you might sound bitter or overly critical of your current employer. If you're dissatisfied with your current position, it's worth planning ahead so that you can be honest about your reasons for leaving while still being as polite and diplomatic as possible. Better yet, you can frame your answer in a forward-thinking way. Don't focus on what you dislike about your current situation. Instead, focus on the positives that a new role has to offer.

    3. Why are you applying for this job/company?  There are three important qualities you want to highlight when answering this question. The first is why you think you're the right fit for this role-the skills and experience that will allow you to thrive. The second is why you're the right fit for this company-what makes you a great choice for their values and mission. Finally, there's why you're excited about this position-what makes you motivated and enthusiastic about this opportunity.

    Find Work in Grand Junction with Express!

    At Express Employment Professionals Grand junction, we want to make your job search as easy as possible. Helping you prepare for job interviews is just one of the ways we can help.

    Our services for job seekers also include direct placements for office, commercial, and industrial job opportunities in our area. By applying to Express, you can fast track your job search and find the right job more easily.

    Start your job search by applying to Express Employment Professionals Grand Junction today! To learn more about our services for job seekers, call (970) 242-4500!