Express Employment Professionals Training Testimonials

  • Training Testimonials

    Below you will find testimonials from individuals who have attended our Refresh Leadership Simulcast, Purpose-Driven Leadership Training program, customized workshops, or other coaching and training sessions. 

    "Express Employment Professionals' training offering provides unique value to clients. In my many years management experience, training can be a waste of money when employee's behavior quickly reverts to the past pre-training habits as soon as the employee gets back to the work place. Lorraine Medici is a highly trained and certified professional coach as well as being a very professional trainer. Using advanced coaching skills after training sessions, Lorraine helps to make training 'stick' by providing ongoing coaching for changed habits and behaviors. I don't know any other training provider that can do this - it is an extremely valuable part off the Express offering. Oh, and Lorraine is a wonderful person too - an added bonus!"

    -Garry, Surrey Precision Tools Inc.

    "The training workshops Lorraine has provided to the agency have been very valuable in our leadership development. Lorraine is very personable and excellent at engaging her audience. She is a dynamic speaker who is knowledgeable in purpose driven-leadership, employee recruitment, and employee retention. Our supervisors find her workshops to be relevant to their day to day work, engaging, motivational, and executed with a high level or quality and professionalism."

    -Dawn, Catholic Charities West Michigan

    "I've enjoyed the curriculum that Lorraine develops. Her style always keeps your attention. Lorraine uses engaging examples throughout her training to encourage further learning. Lorraine has a great speaking presence and conveys the training message in an interesting way."

    -Heather, Mind Bank HR

    "We found the training Lorraine provided to be very valuable. Her training was informative and engaging. Even some of our most experience supervisors came up to me afterwards and told me they had learned so much from the training session. It was money well-spent."

    -Victoria, Masterpiece Flower Company

    "Lorraine is an excellent trainer. She really made me think in a whole new way about the control I have over my thoughts and my future. I will carry those lessons with me to help guide me through all of my future and career. I'm more confident in my choices and the way I approach my life because of what I learned from her."

    -Cailin, Women's Resource Center

    "Generations in the Workplace training by Express Employment Professionals is one of the most highly rated and helpful presentations in our LEAD program. It provides life-long skill development and promotes greater understanding within the workplace. Highly recommended!"

    -Lynn, Our Community's Children

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  • "The event is awesome! You forget it is a simulcast and feel like you’re there in person. The staff in Grand Rapids does a fabulous job making this event a fun learning experience."

    -Shelly, Stone Plastics and Manufacturing, Inc 

    "Beneficial and inspirational insight into leadership. Great reminder of treating people well."

    -Tyler, Lacks Enterprises, Inc 

    "This is a great program and I would recommend it to others."

    -Todd, Advantage Label & Packaging 

    "It is a small but important investment in sharpening the saw…I always get a few good ideas and meet some great people in a half day."

    -Robert, Calvin College

  • Testimonials from Purpose-Driven Leadership Training Participants:

    "I thoroughly enjoyed your classes. I felt that your teaching style, delivery, attitude, energy, and presence allowed me to be both involved in that class and take your lessons back to work and utilize them. I felt like I was made an active participant in the class, and I enjoyed giving feedback and answering questions because the floor was open to discussion. The open discussion style allows for ideas and opinions to come out of everybody more easily which led to more interesting debates. I have taken back to work several coaching styles and tools that I have used every week at work and will continue to fine tune in the future." 

    "This training opened my eyes to how much the working world has changed and how much we as leaders need to grow to keep up with all of the workers and potential leaders that are coming into the work force. This leadership training will help me grow into a better leader." 

    "The training in this class was very beneficial. It really opened my eyes on some of the leadership styles that are out there. Anyone who is in a leadership role could benefit from taking this course."

    "Much more than your average lecture style leadership seminar. Engaging, effective, and relevant trainer, activities, and material. Great balance of understanding self to learn how to better work with and lead others."  

    "Lorraine made you feel welcome and earned my trust immediately. She helped me use the skills I had and acquire new ones. The classmate activities were helpful learning assessments as this helped with real life scenarios. I feel that I have improved my communication style and will take my skills with me to improve my team. I appreciate the opportunity and will look for other opportunities with Lorraine in the future for myself and other employees." 

    "I enjoyed our teacher and the energy she brought to the table. I believe I now have the tools necessary to become a better leader."

    "The leadership training was a priceless resource in learning how to be a better leader. I thoroughly enjoyed attending every session and improving my leadership skills through the interactive activities provided through the course."

    "This training was great. I feel that it will help in dealing with co-workers, employees, peers as well as friends and family. Lorraine is a great instructor. She keeps it fun and realistic. You can see when and how to apply the skills in real world situations. I highly recommend this training!"