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  • Your Interview with the Specialized Recruiting Group

    A relationship with Specialized Recruiting Group gives you access to our extensive network of client companies, salary negotiation support, resume assistance, and interview tips, and our team of expert recruiters can assist you in finding career solutions that work for you – whether that’s a direct hire position, a contract-to-hire assignment, or an interim project to meet your flexible scheduling needs. Our hiring process includes an interview with a dedicated recruiting specialist who is an expert in your field of work along with references, assessments, and pre-employment screens. 

  • Our hiring process includes:


    interview iconInterviews and Reference Checks

    We will perform reference checks and a phone interview, and then determine next steps depending on whether you want to work contract assignments or be placed in a core position with a company.



    matching icon

    Matching Skills to Position 

    Once we’ve learned more about your skills and experience, we will match you with available positions.


    candida icon

    Candidate Selection

    If your skills and experience match the requirements for the desired position, you will be presented to the employer for final decision.