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  • Four Skilled Trades Careers You Should Consider

    OKLAHOMA CITY - May 13, 2020




    Four Skilled Trades Jobs You Should Know About

    Jobs You Didn't Know Had Such Bright Futures

    The work environment for skilled trades jobs is often misconceived. Whether it's a dimly lit manufacturing floor, or outdoors, braving the elements, most people believe skilled trades work doesn't offer their preferred work environment. 5-13-2010 Skilled Trades Never Considered

    But what if there were careers in this type of work that changed your perception of skilled trades? Here are four skilled trades jobs you may have never considered, but definitely should. 

    CNC Machine Operator

    At first glance, you might think a machine operator is not a career you'd have much interest in. But CNC Machine Operators are a highly skilled group of workers cutting, grinding, and drilling metal and plastic products for a variety of industries. And they do this work using pre-programmed computer software that controls the machine they operate. 

    CNC Machine Operators are responsible for programming the commands of these machines and staying up-to-date with the latest technology for machine operation. 

    The national median salary for this job is $39,229 with an expected 35,000 people retiring from the industry soon. That means there is opportunity for new workers ready to learn on the job or gain education through an apprenticeship program or local vocational school. 

    Medical Records and Health Information Technician

    As more and more information goes from paper documents and filing cabinets to digital storage, the medical industry needs more workers who are proficient in medical record and health information storage. That's why a career as a Medical Records and Health Information Technician is one of the more promising skilled trades and better yet, you don't need a four-year degree to start. 

    Most technicians in this field need to complete some training and earn a certification, but don't let that make you hesitant to jump into this growing field. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 11% growth in job openings with a median salary of $40,350. 

    Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians

    Have you ever been to a concert or large event and wondered how what you saw on stage was put together? From the sound to the lighting to the graphics and video shown on a screen, it takes a talented team of skilled technicians to put everything together.

    As a Broadcast and Sound Engineer or Technician, you're responsible for the set-up, operation, and maintenance of the equipment needed for various types of events and meetings. And with an 8% projected growth in job openings and a median salary of more than $43,000 per year, this career path sounds and looks good.

    Medical Appliance Technicians

    Further proof that the medical field has a range of promising opportunities, maybe it's time to consider a career as a Medical Appliance Technician. These roles have a much faster than average projected job growth of 11% and don't usually require more than a high school diploma and on-the-job training. 

    As a Medical Appliance Technician, you'll most likely work in a laboratory or healthcare facility, constructing, fitting, and repairing various types of medical devices. These devices range from prosthetics to arch supports to braces to dental equipment. 

    You may think skilled trades only involve certain types of jobs but take another look and consider this: many skilled trades don't require a four-year degree and the burden of student loans that often come with them. There is strong job growth projected for the next decade in these fields, and one of them could be your next career.

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