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  • The Value and Role of Skilled Trades Apprenticeships

    OKLAHOMA CITY - March 12, 2020




    Skilled Trades Apprenticeships Should Be The Future 

    It's no secret: the demand for skilled trades workers is rising while the number of trained workers in these fields is falling. More workers are retiring, and companies are struggling to find the skilled labor they need to fill those roles, creating a gap and hampering their ability to meet demands.

    3-12-2020 The Value and Role of Skilled Trades Apprenticeships

    This gap has led to the resurgence of a job practice dating back to ancient Egypt and Babylon. The Code of Hammurabi of Babylon dates back to around 1754 B.C. and included a requirement of artisans to teach their craft to the next generation. Fast forward nearly 4,000 years and apprenticeships have made a comeback as a solution to the skilled trades labor shortage.

    How Apprenticeships Work

    Choosing to do an apprenticeship allows workers to earn money while they learn a new trade, without building up student loan debt. Apprenticeships combine technical education often found in a classroom setting with on-the-job training in the field for the role they will eventually fill.

    Think of an apprenticeship as combining the best of classroom learning and real-world work settings and situations, all without racking up student loans that you'll spend years paying off. And once you complete a formal program, many apprentices receive a credential that is nationally recognized. In addition, there are apprenticeship programs in a variety of industries from agriculture and bio sciences to aerospace and defense to health care and IT.

    Value for Employees and Companies

    This approach to the labor shortage is a win-win for both job seekers and businesses for multiple reasons, but one of the biggest has to be the cost savings. The apprentice doesn't have the expense of a 2- or 4-year university, but instead makes money while learning a new trade. In turn, the company saves money by not having to look for qualified workers. Additionally, the company doesn't miss out on the opportunity to grow its business because they don't have the staff in place.

    How to Find an Apprenticeship

    As businesses have recognized the opportunity to find new talent trained on their specific processes and equipment, many also partner with local vocational or technical schools to establish their apprenticeship program. Reach out to these types of schools in your area to see the types of programs they offer.

    You can also research online through government labor sites. If you live in the U.S., visit Apprenticeship.gov , and if you live in Canada, click here . Both provide current apprenticeship opportunities near you, as well as details on what the apprenticeship looks like.

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