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    Katie 2022
    Katie Westfall

    Operations Manager

    Katie joined Express Employment Professionals Lafayette in 2020. She began her journey in the role of Office Services Specialist before taking on the role of Operations Manager in July 2020. She has a passion for the human connection and helping others better themselves through development and goals. 

    Katie brings over 20 years of experience in Customer Service and her career has included General Manager for a major Coffee chain, Operations Manager for Purdue Dining & Catering, and Management in the Grocery industry. Katie is a 2001 Graduate of Ivy Tech and enjoys spending her time Kayaking, Camping and Hiking with her Daughter as well as her dog Junie.

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    Matt 2022
    Matt Green

    Business Development Manager

    Even though Matt has only been with Express Employment since 2018, he's lived most of his life in Lafayette - despite his silent promise to himself when he started Purdue in 1997 not to get "stuck here".  He's very happy that it's been one of the few unkept promises, as it has led him on an incredible journey. After Purdue he had a fifteen year career with the Heritage Group, an environmental services firm that took him all over the world as an operations manager and solutions-provider to some of the largest firms around the globe. It was during this time that he became a client of Express Employment at a few of his sites in Indiana, Tennessee, and Iowa. So when his time at Heritage ended, he knew where he wanted to go.  He chose Express Employment for the opportunity to help people - finding someone the RIGHT job is a feeling you just can't get anywhere else.

    Matt enjoys being active in the community, serving for years as the President of the Board of Directors for TreeLafayette, and will volunteer for almost anything he is asked to volunteer for. In his free time, he loves to think about all of the passions that he used to pursue - such as travel, reading, riding his bike, or playing his guitars - before he had kids.


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    Jessica 2022
    Jessica Neri

    Employment Specialist

    Jessica joined the Express Employment Professionals team in 2020.  She previously has worked as an Industrial Supervisor and a Staffing Recruiter prior to joining our team. Jessica loves to meet new people and has a passion in helping people find the job fit for them to thrive and grow with. 

    In her free time, Jessica enjoys spending time with her dogs and family! She is very adventurous, loves kayaking, Sunday cookouts and hiking long trails with her fur babies. 


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    Express Jobs Lafayette IN Chad
    Chad Stiffney

    Employment Specialist

    Chad joined the Express Employment Professionals team in October 2020 as the Office Service and Professional Search Specialist. He comes with years of customer service and management experience. Chad thrives while working with others to set goals and help develop plans to achieve success. 

    Chad loves hiking, backpacking, running, and cycling. This is especially true when he is back in his Rocky Mountain hometown. Chad has a deep appreciation for quality coffee and can rarely be found without a fresh cup in his hand. 


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    John Bowen
    John Bowen

    Employment Specialist

    John joined the Express Employment Professionals team in 2020. He is a recent Purdue graduate from Krannert School of Management focusing on human resource management. John began working at Express Employment as an associate and eventually moved into his current position with Express Employment. 

    John enjoys meeting and talking with new people as well as helping applicants discover the best job for them. He is also a fan of the Indiana Pacers and Purdue Boilermakers. Boiler up! 


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    Clayton McKinsey

    Front Office Coordinator

    Clayton is the newest member of our Express Lafayette Team. He began his journey as FOC extraordinaire in June of 2022. Clayton applied to the FOC role with zero experience in office work. All his previous work experience was in light industrial and manufacturing as a machine operator. However, we knew with his warm personality and positive attitude he would take to the role like a fish to water. Clayton has since proven himself for be an invaluable member of the team. He greets every associate with a big smile and a warm hello. Give us a call and let Clayton make your day just a bit better. 


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