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  • Express Blog Image 21 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview Athens, GA - 04/28/2021 Going into a job interview can be scary. It's a good idea to come into an interview with some questions about the position and the company.
    Express Blog Image Tips for Eliminating Your Overwhelming Workload Athens, GA - 04/01/2021 Working or searching for employment can already be a stressful experience, but if you also have to juggle other parts of your life, such as kids, classes, and social obligations, it can be overwhelming. 
    Express Blog Image How to Overcome Interview Nerves 10/27/2020 Are you the type to get anxious and stressed before an interview? If so, you are not alone. It is very typical to be nervous before an interview. However, even though it's spooky season, interviews are one thing you don't need to be scared of - now or ever. After all, an interview is ultimately just a simple conversation with another person. 
    Express Blog Image How to Use an Employment Agency 10/27/2020 Confused what an employment agency is? An employment agency is an organization that matches employers to employees. They not only benefit employers struggling to fill vacant positions, but also people who are searching for a job. On both sides of the job market, they make people's lives easier by saving them time, money, and effort.
    Express Blog Image Words to Include on your Resume 09/02/2020 If you read our previous blog, you now know what words NOT to use on your resume. Words like team player and proactive are overused, cliches, and do not give hiring managers any real insight into who you are and why they should hire you. While these words should be avoided like the plague, there are many words that you SHOULD include in your resume.