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  • Express Blog Image How to Ace a Job Interview via Video 05/07/2020 As the current pandemic has led to unconventional business communication methods this spring, job seekers are left wondering if there are still ways to land an interview and secure their dream career. Though in-person interviews are virtually nonexistent for the time being, many companies are leaning towards virtual communication and video interviewing techniques to secure new talent.
    Express Blog Image Finding a Job with our Express Employment 5-Step Process 04/20/2020 You've just got the news… It's time for a new job. Maybe you were let go as a result of unforeseen circumstances, or perhaps you decided to grow your career and experience something new. Regardless of what got you here, we want to help YOU find your dream job. With the Express Pros 5-Step Hiring Process, you will have a picturesque job in no time.
    Express Blog Image Tips for Resume Grammar 03/03/2020

    If you're searching for a job, you've likely spent a lot of time creating a resume that shines and sets you up as a prime candidate. The last thing you want is to ruin that sparkling resume with poor grammar or misspelled words. To stand out to hiring managers and beat the job search competition, it's important to have a well-crafted, well-written resume.


    Express Blog Image What are the best ways to find a new job fast? 01/29/2020 Are you looking to find a new job fast? While the process of looking for a new job can be stressful and lengthy, don't get discouraged! Here at Express Employment Professionals, we want to help YOU give your career an upgrade without stretching the clock.
    Express Blog Image What are the necessary steps to finding a new job in a new city? 01/29/2020 As the new year kicks into full swing, you may be realizing that you need a change…. possibly a big change. As our yearly routines materialize this month and things start to slow down, it's only natural to crave the adrenaline burst that comes when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.